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Hi guys :Is it possible when I am in canada to apply for immigration ,and to apply for a job while immigrattion is processing my application?

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you need to be in Canada on a work permit to apply from inside Canada. Otherwise you apply in the country which you have been living for one year or more.

You can look for a job while your application is underway, but that may or may not speed up your application.

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thanks Mr Sharon ,,one thing more is there more posibility to apply for a job while i am in canada ?or this goes in same time period to be in canada or out ?

in construction area do I need work permit?

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A company in the construction field due to the major shortage in this Industry will already be probably pre-approved to hire foreigners like yourself. If not they can apply for HRSDC approval.

Certain provinces are faster then others. If you get a supervisory position there is no requirement for the company to provide a contract if not a contract must also be provided.

Regulation 11 will require you to submit your WP application at your own visa post. This can be done by mail but if they call U for interview you have to attend to prove your ability and knowledge.


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So tell me what i can do if i dont have still any job offer i want to be in canada soon i dont need visa ...

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