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Subject: Simplified Application Process
  Dear Friends,

I am planning to apply for federal Skilled Worker Category I am single ( Never Married) working a as a systems Tester from Past four years in middle east. I had completed my graduation for three years bachelor in computer application in India. Right now I am waiting for my test results IELTS to attached with my documents & I already filled my forms

IMM0008Generic -- Application For Permanent Resident in Canada
IMM0008Schedule1 ---Background / Deceleration
IMM5406 -- Additional Family Information
IMMSchedule3 -- Economic Class Federal Skilled Worker

I came to know that from 1 sep 2006 Simplified Application Process will going to be effect can any one suggest me he best way should I include any more forms with my documents or should I added instead of these forms

I was so confused plz suggest me the best way coz I am Indian working in Middle East and planning to apply from London High Commission.

Millions of Thanks



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If you have all the documents ready, send it so that it reaches CIC on or before 01 sept 2006. CIC "ll accept it.

If your application reaches after 01 sept, they "ll accept the application, but "ll return all supporting documents.

I Can't before 1 Sep 2006 (in reply to: Simplified Application Process)
Dear Jay

Thanks for ur Reply. But i can´t able to submit my documents before 1 sep 2006. so, plz any one answer my queries above.



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So follow the new procedure and submit only the new three page form after sep 2006. On a lighter not please do work on your English skills in the mean time,you need to revist the ´tenses´ section in the english grammer.


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Dear gim,

Brian is right. I am a new applicant too. I just mailed my 3-page simplified application today.

I guess you should do the same. Atleast it "ll secure your position in the queue.


Link for that three Pages (in reply to: Simplified Application Process)
Dear Friends

Plz Forward me the Link of those three pages which i need to fill thanks.


jay (in reply to: Simplified Application Process)
Dear Jay

test results, statements from bank. how u handle these two

Questions 23 & 25 when u submit ur Documents

I don´t have these two can u answer me should i leave it

blank or what should i write.



question (in reply to: Simplified Application Process)
For simplied application (03 -page), picture is also required or not?
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Submission Code (SX14151) Copy The Code From The Left found in the brackets
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