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Subject: Canadian sponsoring Ecuadorian boyfriend
  Hi, I am a Canadian citizen and I have an Ecuadorian boyfriend currently living in Ecuador. I am thinking that if he is able to obtain a temporary residency visa we could get married when he comes here. I am wondering how long the spouse sponsership process would be after we are married? Also, once we are married, is this more or less a guaranteed go that he would be able to stay in Canada with me?

Thanks for your help...

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First it is not in any way a guarantee that he would be approved. Look to the cic web site it will show 7-8 months for stage one approval then a year to 1.5 years for Landing. If you fly down there and marry him with all your papers completed you can courier your application into Miss.CPC and have him approved in approximately 8 months. Be sure to check the processing time in Canada as well.

If your boyfriend does not have a real good reason to return he will be refused a CVV and you will have to start the overseas process anyways.


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