Please clarify term "Police Clearance"/ PCC

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Subject: Please clarify term "Police Clearance"/ PCC
  Can anyone please clarify what "Police Clearance"/PCC mean? How is it different from Background/Security Check that most companies in the US perform.

What kind of security checks are performed while obtaining a student/work permit in Canada.

Thanks for any advice!

Hi (in reply to: Please clarify term "Police Clearance"/ PCC)
PCC is different. It certifies that you do not have any police record or any adverse record which should be consdered negative for your immigration. In USA, you obtain it from FBI by sending them fingerprints. For Indian PCC (if u r residing in USA) , you give a request to your local Indian Consulate (see under misc. services) and provide passport details and after 4 weeks they can provide you a certificate for the same.
All PCCs are generally treated as valid for six months only (though there is no such thing mentioned on is more logical thing).

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