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Subject: PPR waiting
Anyone else between medicals complete and now waiting for PPR? Can you give your medicals completion date? Me - end of May. Consensus seems to be for PPR about 2 1/2 months after medicals sent.
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i did mine in early feb. still waiting (buffalo)...sometimes i don´t think i´ll ever get the PPR.
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IA + meds mid May, CHC received meds end of May (tracking receipt), Meds went to Singapore as per instructions, application is with Sydney. Still waiting for PPR, nothing changed on e-cas, still says In Process.
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med done in late march. ottawa received in april. nothing happens since then.
trouser trout
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Hi, Richard,

My medical reached Ottawa April 26. I read somewhere that Detroit instructed immigrants-to-be not to bug them until 120 days (four months have passed), so probably it´s more in the 4-5 month range that you´ll receive the PPR.

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Ok, thanks Bob. Looks like Aug/Sep for you and Sep/Oct for me.
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Your welcome, Richard. When you finally get your PPR, I found a web site on the other forum which lists detailed information on all the Canadian Border Services Agency offices offering immigration services, e.g., landing, in case you weren´t aware.It´s listed by province and territory.



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