Please help...PR & WP at the same time...!

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Subject: Please help...PR & WP at the same time...!
I had applied for my PR last year and did my medical in April 06(interview waived), from Detroit office. At the same time I am applying for WP extension as my WP is expiring soon.

I have a couple of questions

1) What would happen if my PR application is approved(though not stamped on my passport) by the time they have to make a decision on WP extension ? would they return my WP application specifying that my PR application is already approved ?

I understand if I have got visa stamped on my passport they would definitely return my WP application.

2) How much time do we get to send our passport to get the visa stamped(for PR), onmce PR application is approved ?

Anything else that come to your mind, please share ..!

Keeping my fingers crossed

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