How long does it take?

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Subject: How long does it take?
  Does anybody know, when all documents (security and background check and everything else) are done and the file is with the immigration officer for the final reviewing in buffalo, how long it might take until they sent the "letter for passport request".
Any helpful comment is greatly appreciated.

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10 years
Reality bites
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Bites, You should not be allowed to make fun of people discussing real issues here. I don´t understand why the administrator does not shut you out this forum.
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Armin instead of complaining about my post why dont you just help that guy and answer him ? You complain about about my post and say i am making fun of them, well let me make of fun with some people who ask dump questions... If you are not happy with my post just ignore but ANSWER the thread owner ....

Reality bites
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I have to agree with Armin here. This 10 year comment is uncalled for.

And I don´t understand your style. On some posts (such as recent lengthy discussion), you can be civil and intelligent, on others quite sarcastic like this. Suggest consistent civility.

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LOL....bites, Armin IS the guy, HE is the one who asked the question. So if he had an answer to the question, he wouldn´t ask it. Try helping people out and don´t criticize others by saying they ask stupid or dumb questions, no question is dumb, if they asked the question, they seriously need our help and they want good answers.
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