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Subject: PR in Canada - work?
  Hi all!

My husband will be emigrating to Canada from the USA.
As he´s an American we will be applying using the
spousal "In-Canada" category. I was wondering whether
there is any way he can get a permit to work during the
time we are waiting for the PR application to get processed and approved?

Also, am I right in reading the CIC website on processing times that the whole process is likely to take 7 months? (30 days for sponsor application and 6 months for PR application?)

Thanks in advance for all your help. I´ve read many posts and they have been helpful too!


spouse sponsoring (in reply to: PR in Canada - work?)

I just posted a question on this forum that I think you could answer.
I have Canadian citizenship and would like to move from the U.S. to Canada. I have a husband and two children. Will the immigration service expect me to have a certain amount of money to prove that I can support them, and if so, how much? Do I have to have a job before we go?
Thanks, Mary

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If you use the spousal "In-Canada" category your application will be handled by the Case Processing Centre in Vegreville, Alberta. If you apply through this category, it is currently taking about 6 months for applicants to receive their first stage of approval (also known as approval in principle) provided there is nothing wrong with the application. The first stage of approval/approval in principle doesn´t mean they have been granted permanent residence, just that the visa officer reviewing the application doesn´t see any reasons why they may be denied it - the application still needs to be processed more before it is finalized and permanent residence is granted. Once an applicant receives their first stage of approval/approval in principle they are then able to apply for a general work permit. When applying via spousal "In-Canada" class you have the option of either waiting until you receive first stage approval to send in the application & fee for a work permit or sending in the completed application & fee with your sponsorship application. Altogether, I assume it takes roughly 7 months after the Case Processing Centre to receive the work permit.

As for the information you read about the whole process taking 7 months in total, that information is referring to applications processed outside of Canada. Applications handled by offices outside Canada (even if the applicant is living in Canada) have two different stages. First stage: the application is sent to the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga - it takes Mississauga about 30 days to approve sponsorship. Once approved for sponsorship, the application is forwarded to the appropriate visa office for processing. Once the application is received by that visa office the second stage starts as they are the ones that process the application for permanent residence. Since your husband is a U.S citizen, his application would be handled by the Regional Processing Centre in Buffalo. Depending on the application it could take anywhere from 6-12 months for Buffalo to finalize a spousal sponsorship application and issue a permanent residence visa.

"In-Canada" and "Outside Canada" sponsorship have different forms that need to be filled out for each of them, so be sure that you have the correct application kit for whichever one you chose.

If you have any other questions about Spousal Sponsorship, feel free to ask. I´m a U.S citizen married to a Canadian citizen - My husband and I filled out and submitted his sponsorship application as well as my application for permanent residence this past July.

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