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  Hi Sharon,

I had applied for permanent residency for Canada under skilled worker Category on March?2003.

My first medical test was expired on August?2005 and the second medical test results that were requested for my family by Canadian medical officer have been sent by the DMP doctor?s office to the medical section, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on November-2005.

After the second medical test, the Canadian Medical officer requested additional report for my daughter. This report was also sent from the DMP doctor?s office to the medical section, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May-2006.

Please let me know, how much time it will take now??. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sharon is not CIC. sorry. I have no idea about processing times - if I did... I would not still be hanging around immigration forums.
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Kevin sorry mate but how can Sharon answer such a question ? Is she the immigration officer who is checking your file ?? How can she be sure that your documents are ok ? or there is something wrong with your medicals ? or documents ? or your background ?

I really cannot understand why people ask such dump questions ...

1. Just use your own brain, nobody can help you in with that becasue nobody is checking your documents here or is an immigration officer...

I am sure you can guess the time yourself, if there are no problems with your child´s health and if all your documents are ok, and if the immigration officer is satisfied with all the documents you have sent, and there is nothing missing, you will probably get your PR (before your medicals expire )sometime before November...

2. If the immigration officer is a lazy ass or if there is something missing or if your documents are not complete, then they will let you know, and then you will be asked to redo your medicals and then some more months will pass then if everything is okay you might get your PR before may 2008...

See if there are a lot of ...or ... or ....or that means nobody can give you a time, it is the immigration officer to tell you a time,, not me, not Sharon not anybody else...

Reality bites
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Well Sharon,

You have been attached to this forum for a loooooong period of time and you really ARE a helpful.

So what happened ... you become ICON to everyone.
My hats off for ya!

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you know... the whole thing is rather scary! I am just a quirky Canadian addicted to immigration websites while her guy waits and waits and waits for CIC to do their thing.

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