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Subject: Canada oh Canada ..
I have seen many people or threads here complaining about Canada or the life in Canada. Many immigrants complain that they cannot find a good job appropriate to their degrees or experience. This might have many reasons, language, Canadian experience,communication, discrimination, racism, job skills etc. etc ..etc. etc.

Because of that current situation many say that Canadian government should stop immigration,.. and I say no it should not stop IMMIGRATION, because:

1. Immigration means foreign currency is entering Canada, just imagine Canada accepts about 100.000 immigrants that means they have to bring 10.000 CAD for one person which means every year, 10.000 X100.000 = 1000.000.000 CAD is entering Canada, ( I am sure may be more) this money is spent in Canada and goes to the tax offices, shopping centers, landloards, transportation,foood etc. etc. How can any smart government ignore this fact? Those immigrants have to pay for anything they need, and everything is taxed in Canada , how can a government ignore or skip this income ??

2. Some or very few of the immigrants can find a good job or at least can find a job to survive in Canada, the rest leave and go back .. Do you think the Government really cares about this ? They will never stop an opportunity, a great economic opportunity since each year about 1000.000.000 CAD is entering Canada, ...This amount is bigger than the budgets of many countries in the world...

So my friends all Canadian goverments will always open doors for those prospective immigrants to enter Canada, but that doesnt mean that (all immigrants) everyone is going to get a great job, a car and a private house in Canada, NO WAY....

My advice to all the new immigrants never think that the employers here are waiting for you or dying to give you a job, if you do not have the financial supplies just give it a second thought, talk to your people in your community, share ideas, learn more about the job opportunities here, just have a look around, look at those indian cap drivers and talk to them, I am sure many of them had a lot of education even PhDs but since they could not find a better job and becasue they have to survive they are driving cabs all around Canada...

Just do your homework friends, study hard and be prepared, if you still intend to come over, then again be prepared , Canada doesnt look like the paradise that people talk about in those immigration sites.....

Despite all the problems if you can find a good job here, then well done mate ! You really have done something great and need a pat on your back!!!...Well done ....

Good luck to everyone...

Reality bites
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so why are you still in Canada, or why are you still in the process of immigrating? go home or stay home.

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Dear Sharon, I find your words logical on many occasions and you have been a great help for many people in this forum I do appreciate that but this time this is my suggestion to you ( if you excuse me ) never have ideas or suggestions or assumptions if you do not have enough information ...

1. I am not in Canada at the moment, I visited Canada many times, visited my Canadian friends and even had a Canadian girlfriend many years ago (lost her in a terrible accident)..and I can say I have been following canadian media for nearly 10 years becasue of my connections with my great Canadian gf many years ago. I also have Canadian friends working at a University- where I work -and some of them are my close I do talk a lot about Canada..I also love the nature in Canada and i still think there are a lot of places for me to see in Canada.

2. My case has been finalised long time ago I got my PR visa in April,(just after 15 months of waiting) but because of my contract with the university in my home country and because of my child´s education I cannot land in Canada before in October I will be there and hope to drink a cup of coffee with you if you do not mind,...
3. I am coming over Canada mainly for my daughter only because she wants to have a good education and I am sure canada has better education opportunities for young people... So, I am not coming over Canada to find a job. But of course I am not going to kill my time cybering on the net or sleeping all day, I will try to find a job to keep myself busy or do PhD in my field, if nothing works I will do some community work in Canada, and do my best for people whom I can help somehow...
4. I am financially comfortable in my home country and very happy to be living here, and also I do not need anybody, any job to be able to survive in Canada for at least 4 years (including all the school fees of my child and expenses to survive in canada)

5. Thank for your suggestion but I can live anywhere Canada, or my home country that is my choice, ...

Thanks for reading, I hope, now you know my intentions or the reasons why I am interested in this forum or Canada.

have a good day...

Reality bites
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it sounds like you have a good plan for your future.

It must be the heat or something. I am getting really tired of the perpetual complaining that goes on and my patience is zero. I 200% agree that Canada is not doing a good job of optimizing the skills that are arriving every day in Canada. At the same time, Canada is not restricting immigration based on skill set. (how many IT workers do you think we need?) Instead, - right or wrong... Canada says if you have the language skills and the obvious smarts to learn, you can be and do anything you choose in Canada. Do we restrict our immgration to job openings or do we look for people that are eager to create a life in a new country.

One of the problems I see is people shopping countries like they are buying shoes. They only want to see or experience the up-side (good medical, higher salaries, good education) without taking into consideration that there is a balance or offset on the other side. They might have to upgrade their skills or get some language training to help themselves be successful.

Is Canada lying... or are people unrealistic in their expectations. I would suggest that not nearly enough genuine homework is being done about the personal implications of immigration. When people arrive and it is not what they expected - they are disappointed.

May I suggest that many people were disappointed at home too - otherwise they would not want to leave! Many were doing just fine where they were - but they thought they could have more, and they are sorely disappointed when it does not happen.

I should take a forum holiday. My Canadian tolerance threshold is not very good these days.

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That is what I am trying to say Sharon, it is both ways, the CIC and the expections of the immigrants....

On the contrary, I still have no words or nothing to say for people who want to come over to Canada. I do not know whether you have been to India and I had the opportunity to see that beautiful land, and as you know there are many Indians who want to come over., after seeing that country well , and seeing the shit in their own country they want to try a new land a new country, and a beautiful country such as canada, and they do everything to come over, some get good jobs but this is the reality many are doing shitty jobs, and now it is too late for those unsatisfied people to go back and start everything in their own country that is why they stay here although they are not happy here...

Because of those reasons I just want people to study and learn more about the life and especially the job opportunities in Canada, otherwise it would be really too late.....

It is not only vancouver but all over the world is burning, and this is terrible,

Anyway, I am not expecting everyone to take me seriously or to follow my advice but if I can make people to rethink, reconsider about their intentions and do whatever required then I am happy...that would be my pleasure...

Everyone needs sometime to rest I guess your anxiety and long time waiting for your bf keeps you here... Hope you get together soon and you have some relief...

Anyway this is my email and I would be really glad to meet some mature and smart people on my arrival in Vancouver, if you somehow you can write I promise to answer...


Reality bites
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Any time people discuss in a civic manner, put forward their ideas with ample evidence and argue eloquently, it makes a very nice reading.

Sharon, I understand your point. Your writtings carry the aroma of seasoned wine and I like reading it. However, you get very personal when people say anything against canada. Lets not forget, the constructive criticism will eventually benefit every body, you me and canada. It is not unpatriotic to speak against a system which needs a serious tune up , if not an overhaul.

Now, there are some people who prefer using a very unthoughtful and unsolicited advice " GO back, if you do not like it here". I think such attitude is against the whole idea of integration of immigrants. People can not appreciate how painful the notion of leaving home country is, and physical and psychological toll it takes on many people. Nobody would leave friends and families behind, unless they had to. So a bit of warmth and encouragement from the natives would go a long way.

It is the Canadian immigration system that enabled immigrants to enter into country. I do not blame people for shopping around. Put yourself into their shoes, if they had to leave their native country, and if they could why not to go to the best place that is available. Lets put all superficial calculations about how much canada makes from immigrants aside, still canada must benefit from immigrants. Otherwise, why leftists and rightists who seem to disagree on everything, seem to agree on one thing that they need immigrants.

This does not mean immigrants should consider themselves mercy citizen and always whine and complain. Remember, we are trying to be apart of a society which is founded on values different from your country. We have be proactive in learnings how stuff work here. Its time to come out of the micro coccon and look around what is happening.

whim and fancy
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I have lived the benefit of an immigrants sacrifice. I also know how hard their situation was when they arrived. I am sure they would have gone home a hundred times over if they thought it was an option.

On most days, I would give a new Canadian the shirt off my back - but I want a tiny little bit of respect in return. Yes, you are absolutely right that our immigration system needs a total overhaul - but I also say, people know the current system before they sign up.

Like I said... I probably need an immigration holiday. In the past couple of days I have been reading posts about cheating the system, lying to get in to Canada, whinning that they were not welcomed as warmly as they expected - 50,000 Canadians living in Lebanon that are ticked that Canada is not there fast enough, with a luxury liner to take them back to their back pocket country. (don´t misunderstand - I am very upset by what is happening to the country of Lebanon). I am frustrated when I hear people asking how long they need be in Canada before they get welfare or full medical coverage or how long they have to live in Canada to maintain their residency or how Canada is a poor second choice to that green card. Sorry... sometimes the Canadian in me feels a little used.

I know there are good immigrants and not so good prospective immigrants. I am moving heaven and earth to help someone find a better life... so I understand the motivation for many. I would not be on this forum if I did not believe in a better tomorrow for those who want to take the risk.

I just wish as a Canadian, I could hear some good stories once in a while. Someone to say it was the best decision of their life, or that they are so pleased that their kids will have more opportunities than they had or that they are happy that Canada would not ask about their religion or sexual preference or political affiliations.

Maybe then I would not be so annoyed when I receive 300 resumes for a secretarial job and 285 are useless because they don´t have enough english skills to write a letter or answer the phone. And maybe I would not be so annoyed that there is nobody in the grocery line speaking english, and maybe I would be more willing to make some extra effort to reach out and lend a hand.

Canadians have feelings too and sometimes they get hurt.

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The Canadian government is not doing anyone a favor by accepting them as immigrant. The situation is perceived to be mutually advantageous for both parties (government and immigrants) and therefore legal immigration is allowed. Without the economic benefits immigration brings to Canada, "born" Canadians themselves would not be living as well as they are, as much as they hate to admit that.
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Sharon, There are happinesses and sorrows, smiles and tears, successes and failure, as the result of the Canadian immigration system....Like any other systems, it has pros and cons, lovers and haters..

We all know how the negative stories get importance on news media and discussion forum. No offence, it seems the majority of people feel good when they see misery in others. So what appears in news or internet forums might not be the correct representation of a canadian society.

I live in Toronto. Whereever I go, I primarily see immigrants. They own house and cars and their kids speak impeccable English. That is the Canadian dream, and it seems you can make it in Canada. For economic migrants, money matters and it seems majority of people make their monetery dreams come true. Is it hard, I bet it is. is it impossible- no if you have willingness and intelligence that enable you to evolve for the survival. Darwinism holds true!

Those who succeed, they do not feel necessary to come back to these forums. They are happy and they probably use any spare time with families and friends. Do I blame them, I guess not. Would I like them to come back to share their happiness, yes I would.

Sharon, please be do not be disheartened. Just get out of uour condo and look around, you will see success stories everywhere. Have anyone who spoke a bit different english ever looked into your eyes and smiled? I believe the smile carries a success story. That is a silent " Thank you canada". Have you ever gone out with an immigrant for a coffee and listened to his/ her story? What makes them stick here,his /her answer is the silent appreciation. Canada has something which our motherland did not have, and Thank you canada for that.

whim and fancy
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thank you whim and fancy. your post is just what the doctor ordered. with that, I will say goodnight.
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great post Guys

Thank you