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Subject: sponsoring a spouse
I have Canadian citizenship and would like to move with my husband and two children to Canada. Just how much money does the immigration service want one to have to assure support? How long might it take for my husband to be able to work legally?
Thanks, Mary

Sponsoring your spouse (in reply to: sponsoring a spouse)
Wherever you live now, you can sposor your spouse from there. You can stay living there wherever you are now and waiting for papers to come back to Canada. As soon as your get PR for your family, your husband will be able to work. They will not ask for any specific income because you do not live in Canada.
same situation (in reply to: sponsoring a spouse)
Hi I am just reading about people in similar situation as me.. I am Canadian citizen, living abroad, and would like to sponsor my husband and my 3 daughters so we can all go to Canada..

How has everything gone for you.. Please let me know.. Cause my husband is confused by reading the articles in the CIC site, where it says I have to support him financially or it will not go thru.. But we both live in the Dominican Republic.. outside of Canada..

Thanks alot..

marie anne
detail on sponsoring a husband (in reply to: sponsoring a spouse)
i need to info on how to sponsor my husband in philippines
miriam leodones
how to get my husband to canada (in reply to: sponsoring a spouse)

miriam leodones

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