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Subject: common law application question
  Hi !
I?m just about to apply to sponsor my boyfriend here in Canada for the common-law partner application. we have been living in montreal together for over a year and gathered all the necessary proofs and documents.
i?ve contacted the CIC center and they told me he CAN stay here in canada while we apply under the "outside canada" category. just want to verify this with you guys.. did i get it right?
and another thing. since we?re in quebec, it seems like we don?t have to show any funds, only for me not to be on wellfare - could you confirm this too?
one last thing - we have the lease agreement to show we have been living together for over a year but i don?t know what else to get to make our "legal case" stronger. any suggestions? i have our phone bill with the joined adress, but that?s pretty much it.
as far as proving the relationship - got plenty of emails, letters, cards etc..

Do you know anything about the success rates of these applications?
i?d apreciate any advice you guys could give me on this
thanks !

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- He can stay, but should maintain a legal status (when his stay expires, you have to renew it with documents found on CICs website, change or extend my stay in Canada)

- No proof of funds required for any common law sponsorship no matter where in Canada

We didnt have much either, lease is a big one, photos of beign together, anything. If its not an arranged marriage and you clearly have been living together in a relationship more than 12 months, you should be fine.

Good luck, Im in Montreal too and did the same thing but applied inland - youre doing the right thing applying outside!

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thanks for your reply, it was very helpful.
mind if I ask how long did it take you inland? is it common for them to call you for an interview or not so much in this category?
and to extend his stay - shell i put the reason why as us waiting for his PR, or... not such a good idea?

Thanks again !

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I applied inland Jan 05, got full PR June 30 2006. this is apparently a ´normal´ timeline. they only call you for an interview if they believe your relationship isn´t genuine, so it very much depends on your case (and where you´re from). Yes, put the reason for extention as that you applied for PR. Always tell the truth just in case you get caught out otherwise.

Man, it´s warm in Montreal tonight! (Just got back from up north)

If I can ask, what do you do in Montreal? I´ve found it very hard to get a job even when I speak French pretty well, and hope your boyfriend doesn´t encounter the same problems I have had...

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well to be honest i´m starting Uni at McGill in september. so that will occupy me for the next 3 years, and give me a chance to brush up on my french.
you´re right though he´s pretty disencouraged with this french thing (my brother faced the same problem upon arriving) and finding a job without french can be tricky. to be honest i´m not completely FIXED on montreal so i´m open to new places - should there be a problem.
he has basic knowledge of french, but from there to actually work in french... you know how it is ... it´s a longgg way.
but my brother is also not that good in french and he found a job. took a while though :-)

about the application - did you apply inland but under the "outside canada" appliaction or inside application?
are you working/living here?
thanks mate !

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