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Subject: On work Cisa, getting married
  I am in Canada on a work visa with multiple entry until June 30,2007.
I plan to marry a Canadian Citizen. My spouce will sponsor me after the marriage with "out of Canada" application in Inda. Once my spouce files the sponsorship, does my multiple entry work visa reamin valid.
If I am clled for an interview in Delhi, India,and I go back to India for an interview, would I be allowed to come back to Canada since I have the multiple entry visa.

Or Should my spouce file within canada application.

the reson we want to file the outside application is that the processing time in Delhi, India is only 3 months .

Please advise

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File outside of Canada for all the reasons you stated and your current visa does not change just make sure you list your current residential address. You MUST include a page regarding your relationship and so must your partner. Last bold part of both questionnaires-----goodluck.


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