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Subject: Sponsorship?
  thank you everyone for your advice in my previous post.

I have another question though, which is not clear to me.

Lets say a person is under a sponsorship for 3 years (was a common-law partner of a Canadian citizen).
Can he be a sponsor of another person (wife) or does he have to wait for 3 years????

Ive heard they say that as long as the person starts working legally and paying taxes they can "jump off" the sponsorship.
So can they sponsor before the 3 years time is over??

Thanks in advance

parents sponsorship (in reply to: Sponsorship?)
It´s been a year now that my parents and brother application from Philippines. I want to know what´s the best way to clarify their application. How long should I wait? Please advise.

Thanks in advance

Imelda Villacorta
(in reply to: Sponsorship?)
I apologize about my posting I didn´t know that this column is for replying, i just want to ask question too.

Imelda Villacorta
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