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Subject: FBI FingerPrint Check
I have had my finger-prints done in Aug, 2004. I havent heard any kind of response from the FBI since. I thought that it only took upto 5 weeks to get the police clearence from the FBI (It´s almost been over 12 weeks). I have already submitted my medical exam form etc. Has anyone had this problem before? Could someone tell me who to contact? Thanks.


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Hi there!
I had same problem with FBI fingerprints. Submitted in June
and did not receive anything until Aug. When I called CJIS,
I was told that it would take them at least five weeks before openning any mail they receive(due to security reasons), and they receive about 150,000 envelopes per day.
Anyway, I was told that my fingerprint were no good and I had to resend new fingerprints and start all over again.
I told them that I had a deadline of one week. They asked me to fedex the new fingerprints the same day and include
return paid fedex arrangements. I received mine in about
three days. Unfortunately, I did not keep the phone numbers, But here is the web address for CJIS:


Good luck and try to contact them ASAP.

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I followed up my request to mih@leo.gov (i found this emaill address in a website, but i forgot already what site it is but it has something to do with FBI) and they responded positively. You can politely ask them to expedite your clearance certification with an explanation that you badly need this for Canadian immigration purposes. Provide the tracking number and once they find it, they will be able to start their verification on the same day, like what happened in my case.

Good luck to you!

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Hi, I just want to tell you that I waited 2 months to receive mine, and this is the number to call them if you want to check on the status of your application
FBI-CJIS 1-304-625-5590 (Clarksburg, Virginia)
Good luck !

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i sent on Aug 10 and recieved back oct 15 so wait for few more dayz.
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Yea I called them too after 8 weeks had passed..a lady in the clarksburg office told me mine had just been mailed...so it took around 9 to 10 weeks for me to get it in my mailbox...hang in there....
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Thanks for sharing CJIS phone number[ 1-304-625-5590]. folks at CJIS were quite helpful over the phone. They able to give a timeline on processing of my wife´s appilcation.
another anon
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I sent for my criminal background check from you. I received a brown envelope in the mail today, I was quiet surprized to find someone elses information in it. Someone who is in jail in Bare Hill Correctional Facility in New York State. Where´s my information? In this day and age, with all the identity theft, I am concerned that the Dept. of Justice could make this kind of mistake. Please email me ASAP. Where´s my information?
Thank-you , Susan Neal

Susan Kay Neal
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ok... someone posted something a certain "Clarksburg, Virginia" this place doesnt exist..... check it out... they saw "west virginia" and thought oh! same state as virginia.... this isnt the case... just as ontario is separated from quebec politicaly.. west virginia and virginia are separate.. two different states, two governments, two licence plates... thank you canada, thank you....
Brandon Parrish
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I need a background check from FBI for my immigration. Can anyone please tell me how to start, please? And i really need it urgently!


Jack Travin
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I just called the FBI-CJIS 1-304-625-5590 (Clarksburg, Virginia) office. They are very polite and will give you an estimate as to when you application will be processed. -Amit
Amit Tipnis