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Subject: Disappointed with this forum
  If you don´t have any intelligent answers and are not genuinely interested in helping people out, please do not post stupid replies like the ones I got to my previous question. I get lots of ignorant advice all the time, this forum is not intended for that, I am sure!

Righteous man, especially, should buzz off.

People are not here looking for frivolous personal opinions from others, they are looking for help with a process that is utterly frustrating.

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The best help anyone can give you is to tell you, don´t do it. Don´t come to Canada, unless you have prearranged employment (or if reuniting with family members)

Ask yourself, why are there so many Canadians on this forum whom are obsessed with insisting that anyone who has trouble finding work in Canada is a complainer?

I, as an American, have never visited a forum about immigrating to America. It would never cross my mind.

Most of the Canadians in here have an interest in this forum, because they are immigration "consultants" and "lawyers" whom are looking for business, and to catch a hand out from YOU.

I´ve noticed that many of these online Canadian immigration forums will actually delete certain posts that talk of the hardships.

If you mention one of the many recent articles [I learned there is one in the Toronto Star? the other day] that show how hard it is, and how the cards are stacked against newcomers....they either verbally attack you OR delete your message!

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there are 250,000 people arriving every year in Canada. there are not 250,000 frequenting these forums. So were are the 240,000? likely out there getting on with their lives??

People here for the most part are waiting in line like everyone else. Contrary to David´s delusional thinking, I am not a consultant - just average Joe Canadian with a personal interest in immigration. David, you may wish to look at the American immigration sites to find out if peoples frustrations are similar - I suspect they are.

If you search this forum carefully, you will notice lots of threads that are hostile torwards immigration and deletions - and you will also hear cries for the moderator to delete threads where the poster is racist or crude. I am guessing David has has a post deleted for one of these reasons and is miffed.

all you will ever get on an immigration forum is an opinion with some level of expertise attached. Nobody here is CIC, very few are through the entire immigration process and nobody has ever encountered every possible scenario inorder to offer iron clad advice. We all make our best guesses based on what we know.

Never assume anything here is 100% correct. It is up to you as a participant to do the best homework you can, and hopefully someone here can substantiate your findings.

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If you´ve read my posts here, which you have, you´ll know that I am not racist.

I have worked most of my life against discrimination, etc.

I am not hostile towards immigration either.

What I am upset with is the fact that so many people come to these forums looking for advice -- and many make life altering decisions, i.e. moving to Canada....
and almost no one tells them the truth, that it´s very very very very hard to get a real job in Canada unless you were born here.

You are correct, nothing here is 100% correct and there are many people who aren´t immigration consultants....but I suspect many are.

The way people jump on others when they say "Hey, been there, done that, it´s much harder than they say" shows a bias.

What should really go in in these forums is brainstorming on how to get employers to recognize the benefits of interviewing and hiring newcomers, who many times have a high level of education and much to offer their great nation.

I think Canada is one of the two best nations on earth [second only to my home country, the USA] and has a lot to offer. It´s a great place to visit, has some of the best real estate on the planet, etc.....
but it has a LOT of work to do in regards to making immigrants welcome.

I do not claim it is easy for newcomers to the USA either....but I have talked to plenty, and quite frankly some of my relatives were once newcomers to the USA! However, at least in the USA, it would seem from my experience, you have a better chance of AT LEAST BEING CONSIDERED for good jobs.

In Canada, there is much more of a "who the heck are you to apply for this job" or "Canadians preferred" mentality.


have a good day.

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I am less than half a year in this forum. What I came to realise is that from time to time, you´ll read some stupid comments that are way out of line.
Just hang. Take the good advice and ignore the bad ones.

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Sat, March 12, 2005

Immigrants fight to get families in

Demonstrators slam Ottawa´s tardiness

A VOCAL crowd of 600 immigrants yesterday blasted Citizenship and Immigration Minister Joe Volpe over a three-year backlog in parental sponsorships.

Full story:

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what was the point of your cut and paste. Volpe is not the current minister, the article is 16 months old... and what does family class immigration have to do with finding jobs?

I know of one immigration consultant that stops by here on occassion. ONE.

D - have you not heard the laments on this forum about then endless and hopeless waits for green cards? The US will use you and then toss you out. At least in Canada they let your stay and build a life if you so choose. So which immigration system would you suggest we model ourselves after?

Immigrants and Prospective immigrants are not the best ones to discuss how to gain recognition in the Canadian labour market. The Canadian government,education and business community needs to do that. They need to figure out ways to differentiate between the crap qualifications and the ones that are ´Canadian ready´. I am not interested in having someone fix my electrical system that does not have training in the Canadian construction codes. I don´t want someone operating on me that bought his degree at some flakey university that has no entrance requirements. I am not willing to risk my perscription to be filled with someone who does not have full command of the english language.

So, you are absolutely right - Canada needs to figure out how to put new immigrants to work more effectively.

Canada is not a ´greener pasture´ for everyone - and you have found that out in a personal way. You were looking for something and did not realize there was a trade off. If more people did their homework maybe our backlog of applicants would not be 6 years. I am sure CIC would prefer a shorter backlog. I would also guess that those who complain the most... did the least amount of homework before arriving.

Advice goes both ways. You are entitle to offer yours as I am entitled to offer mine. Just try and avoid the words "ALL, NO JOBS, CANADIANS ONLY NEED APPLY" and you will get far less push back. You are wrong in making these global statements and need to understand that you too are offering advice that could change someone´s life.

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Just wondering about your view of Canada coming in no. 2 behind U.S. in best places.

How would you rate the following between the two:

1) Healthcare. 45 million Amercians have none. All Canadians are covered.
2) Crime and murder rate. Canada´s is a fraction of U.S. per capita.
3) International respect and peaceful realations with other countries. Nothing more to be said.

In my mind, miles of shopping malls and cheap tract housing without an underlying moral and social fabric is meaningless.

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I fail to understand why anyone would choose to immigrate from a country they are perfectly content with. Adventure has its limits. Immigration is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is hard work and setbacks and adjustment and frustration. I don´t care what county you are going to- the story would be the same.

Any prospective migrant has to do the pro´s and con´s excercise. There needs to be a definite winner on the ledger to undertake such a big challenge. Sometimes the pricetag is too high, as David and his partner have concluded.

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Here you all are arguing about the same old issues. WOW!!
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LOL - helps pass the time while we wait for CIC to do their thing!
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Just wondering about your view of Canada coming in no. 2 behind U.S. in best places.

How would you rate the following between the two:

1) Healthcare. 45 million Amercians have none. All Canadians are covered.
2) Crime and murder rate. Canada?s is a fraction of U.S. per capita.
3) International respect and peaceful realations with other countries. Nothing more to be said.

In my mind, miles of shopping malls and cheap tract housing without an underlying moral and social fabric is meaningless.


Interesting. Well, you are correct about healthcare....although I should point out, we were not among the 45 million without it. We both had healthcare in the USA.

Do I think the USA should go to universal healthcare? You bet. There are some things that shouldn´t be profit motivated, and health is one of them. Society only benefits if everyone is kept healthy.

However, don´t be suprised if Canada does away with universal healthcare [or raises premiums in provinces that charge them] if conservatives stay in power for a long time.
After all, that´s just a philosophy that most conservatives have, whether in the USA or Canada.... i.e. they don´t like the government doing what [they think] the free market can do better.

I think the free market does a lot of things well....but not healthcare.

If you have a decent job you should have health coverage in the USA. It´s the low wage workers that suffer most. But I totally agree on that....I´ve been disgusted with this for years, and I´ve known many many Americans without coverage.

But in our case, coverage through an employer in the USA is actually better coverage than universal healthcare in Canada.

Crime and murder: Canada is less violent....or so I´ve read, this is one reason we wanted to come to Canada.
However, where we come from [Northern USA] crime rate isn´t that bad. Most of the crime statistics from the USA come from the south....where guns and machoism, etc are more prevalent.

The crime levels in the northern USA actually aren´t much higher than Canada or western Europe.

International peace: Yup, got me there. We were very upset about the Iraq war. Very upset.

However, what you fail to realize is that Canada USED TO BE different. In the past 6 months, Canada has done a lot to become a more military oriented nation, for better or worse. Honestly, I´ll leave that judgement up to Canadians.

Now, if that remains the case, it´s up to the Canadian voter.

Also, on civil liberties, Canada is not doing so good there either.

But yes, overall, Canada has a history of staying out of wars a better than the USA.

But then again, if you are a superpower, you are bound to get into more wars. Also, part of the reason Canada hasn´t had so many wars is that it sits next to the big elephant next door. Just stop and think what could have happened over the years if the USA wasn´t there to guard its northern neighbor?

Do I wish the USA was more peaceful? You bet. I hate war. War is evil. But about the best I can do is speak my opinion [and hope they don´t totally take the freedom of speech away one day!] and vote.

As for the endless shopping malls and cheap tract housing, Canada has a lot of that too.

I would say that Canada is very similar to the USA in many ways. After all, we are neighbors.

But if an American comes here, he/she better expect that it´s going to be not just an uphill battle to find a job, but more like climbing a tall mountain.