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Subject: RFV = PPR?
Got email from consulate saying they´re about ready to send Ready for Visa letter. Is this the same as Passport Request (PPR)? If so, why do we call it PPR on this board?
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cuz the visa gets attached to your Passport and they can´t do it without a ´PassPort Request´

sounds like good news to me!

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Ok, thanks Sharon. I´m trying hard to subdue my excitement. The process is so long and fraught with detours, sometimes hard to believe these things without confirmation from colleagues here.
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Richard, where did you apply, could you please share your time line.

I had interview in May (passed) and Medical done in Feb. When I called LA office they told me they will send me a letter soon, it was in Mid June 06.

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Congrats, Richard. Any day now.
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Medicals (in reply to: RFV = PPR?)
I applied for Canadian PR in Jan,2005.
Received IA in March,2005.
File transferred to Detroit in Feb,2006.
Medicals and RPRF asked in July,2005.
Medicals done and sent in July,2006.
Please advice me now how much time it will take.
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks, Bob, you should be getting yours very soon as well I would think. I only know my status because I emailed and asked.

HukkaHuya, my time line:
App: Dec 2004
AOR: Mar 2005
Detroit xfer: Jan 2006
IA: May 2006
Medicals sent: May 2006
Fingerprints sent: July, 2006

Sahib, looks like your in the same timeframe.


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