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Subject: Found this interesting post from a guy in Ont...
  Found this interesting post from a guy in Ontario on another site....

It´s a must read.

July 31 - 2006

I have a personal anecdote from the 1980s that explains a lot. Nothing has changed since then in the job market; if anything it is getting worse.

In 1986 I was working for the province of Ontario on contract (people can be kept on contract for decades, and since these are renewed every few months, there is no security for these workers). In that year the qualifications required for many of the jobs were changed so that many workers were let go, even though these people had performed satisfactorily for years. I was one of these people. When I applied for one of the permanent jobs that were being created, I got a huge packet in the mail giving me all the answers to the civil service exam. I also got a phone call asking me if I wanted to fly to the site of the interview or take the train. I was also offered a couple of free nights in the most expensive hotel in Ottawa. All of this was to be paid for by the government.

A few hours later I received another telephone call demanding that I send the packet back immediately. I was told that the free
transportation and hotel accommodations were not for me but for someone else. They told me that I could go to the interview at my own expense.

Over the years, I have met a few people who were frank with me about the way things work. In their own words it boils down to "you don´t know your own place." In other words, without the right connections and family ties, you can have all the education in the world and still wind up doing manual labor. This applies to everyone to one degree or another (depending on social class), and it goes on all over the world. The problem here is that we aren´t honest with ourselves and others about admitting it.

A person with family ties and an adequate living standard will lose his sense of belonging and identity by emigrating. After a period of time an immigrant in denial may lose his skills and health through manual labor, and these people may not get the chance to go home as no one will understand those experiences so that person can be rehabilitated. Moreover, people in this position will often end up living on social assistance and become dependent.

Resisting the way of the world and human nature is an exercise in futility. I´ve learned this far too late. I regret that I had too much perseverance and did not have the humility to quit this game after a few months. Except in extreme cases of hardship, coming to Canada will only make things worse. The natural beauty and the moose and the bears do not pay the bills. The Canadian government wants your money, and perhaps your manual labor, not your skills or education. I recently read an article in the business press that was very telling, and I wish that I had noted it for future reference. Basically, the author was saying that educated immigrants were a problem and that Canada should only admit the most unskilled so that wages can be suppressed.

Yours Truly,
Rod. Ontario, Canada.

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Lol ineteresting one, let me give you a recent example from myself... and tell you what I did two weeks ago, and lets see your opinion. First let me give you some details about my education and experience:

I am a language Instructor in my own country, teaching young university learners, in addition to my BA in English Language teaching (4 yrs)I got a diploma from Cambridge University (The UK) in Eng. Lang. teaching. and also MA in Language Teaching (TESOL) and I have been working for almost 10 years at the best university
(English Medium Uni) in my country. I also worked in Australia and taught English to immigrants. (and I have recently been accepted to UBC as a PhD student in sociolinguistics after a long application process- because I thought I would have some time to teach in Canada and have some Canadian experience-while doing my PhD- at least for a couple of hours)

Anyway, since the main reason for me to have immigrated to Canada was my child´s education, I just wanted to do my further education and also wanted to see my opportunity as a job seeker during my child´s education.

So, I checked some job finding sites and I sent some e mail applications to some language schools who were looking for an English Language instructor. I sent about ten e mails, so far only one of them replied my e mail, kindly telling me that the post has been filled.

Then I made a fake CV with less education,(told them I only had CELTA- a teaching certificate- less important than DELTA or MA- and NO experience, guess what ? I sent my application to the same schools, ..Result ? Well, eight of them replied my mail and told me that they have recieved my CV /application and will write back after reconsidering my application with their school executives....

Canadian experience ? That is bullshit, it means lets see if any Canadian employers will employ you, then we might have a look at your application...

Then what is the problem ? Well, you do not have to be that much smart, I am an immigrant, and hold an Arabic name..Forget the rest...

If you do not believe me, it is really so easy to try it on your own, just prepare two fake CVs (Resumees) for any job advertisement and on one of them put your English name and on the other put an Arabic name, (in both of them tell them that you have graduated from a Canadian University )send your applications and see how many of them will reply your Resumee with an Arabic name...

I still love Canada...

Reality bites
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Hope nobody kills becasue I missspelled ´interesting´ shame on me .... lol
Reality bites
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lol typos typos ´ Hope nobody kills me because I have misspelled ´interesting´ Forgive me guys .... at least I did a self correction ...
Reality bites
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you are forgiven. trying to figure out which post has your email...can ´t find it!!!
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sorry about that RB... new computer and therefore I have lost all my settings :(
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that is ok Sharon...
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