three questions about after med

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Subject: three questions about after med
  Hey all,

I applied to immigration through quebec and finally it says my medicals have been received. My first question is, if there was something wrong, would they have already notified me? (i dont feel sick but i think i am just nervous about all this waiting).

second, i have been a student here for a long time, then extended my stay as a visitor to wait for my results. that is almost up. i also applied for another extension but (hopefully) it seems like i will get my immigration answer sooner than my extension. Do you think they will cause me problems at the US border? cause my current document will have expired by then. I mean the canadian officer would know my stay in canada would be legal since i was waiting for my extension but will the US officer know it is legal?

also i went thru all this interview with quebec. how likely is buffalo to demand another interview? i have been here for 5 years, i mean, i hope that says i really wanna stay :S

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