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Subject: i think people would still come to canada
  hi again, i have been randonly reading posts and noticed some saying people would not have chosen to immigrate if they knew how hard it was to get a job. well, i disagree. i dont think it would have been very different and many many immigrants are already aware of the situation.

The thing is, immigrating to a new country requires an adventurous spirit and courage. It was like that couple hundred years ago and it hasnt changed through the centuries. People have always wanted a better future for themselves and for their offsprings.

after all, a lot of people put up with the difficulties because of their kids´ future. and i believe that is what canada is really investing in anyways. the kids who will be born and/or grow up in canada and their children and their children... they will be the ones who are really connected to canada.

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and sure there will always be problems about integrating people and wellfare payements to pay for unemployment, short term costs for canada, but in the end, the benefits of the new generation will far exceed these costs i believe.

for example, tho i may be mistaken but in quebec, the immigrants´ kids are more likely to receive a university education than non immigrants.

for example, in canada by working full time in a low paying job, like working in a coffee shop, you would end up making your payments, though with difficulty. versus in a developing country, where it is hard even with a university degree, it is... um... impossible. i believe immigrants communicate their kids the importance and beauty of receiving a higher education much better.

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You are right needhelp, but please do not take those negative posts as they want others NOT to come to Canada, just take them as a lesson or good experience,

I guess we should all raise the awareness of the new comers with pro´s and con´s of immigrating to Canada, so that they can do their homework well and consider immigration once again seriously, ....

Each immigrant has his or her own interpersonal skills some can deal with the problems in Canada easily and some cannot, that is why we should share our good experience even bad experience so new comers learn everything, ...However it is the prospective immigrants who would decide whether they should immigrate or not....

Good Day...

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Lots of Non smart and non Quality people entered Canada with this Immigration policy being activated by cic. Many people dont even have the minimum level of Smartness that would earn them a Canadian job, As i have Seen not a single guy graduated from Canadian colleges in IT had difficulties finding jobs in CAN.

So people Try to be smart , the way Canadians Are, or want you to be.

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I have been spending a week now looking for job. Still couldn´t find it :(. I am in Winnipeg though not in Calgary. I heard that there´s plenty of jobs in Calgary. But again, i have only been looking for one week...:). Keep up my spirit and keep on looking :).
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