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Subject: Up-Front Medical Exam
  Does everyone who is submitting the family class applications also include the up-front medical exams? (According to http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/sponsor/medicals-faq.html). Would that apply for people who submit the applications INSIDE CANADA? and is that really reduced 50% of the processing time? Please advise.
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If you do not your processing time will be even longer. No one can be admitted into Canada unless they can prove they are medically admissable. There is two types of Inland applications 1 for in status persons and one for out of status persons that can be found in the H&C application forms inside the first box see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/applications/spouse.html

If you do not include the medicals CIC Vegreville or Mississauga CPC will send the whole application back.


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I just wanna ask a few question regarding the upfront medical immigration.Because I´m planning to sponsor my husband one of the requirements is the upfront medical immigration.I just wondering where do I get the form for upfront medical immigration so that my husband do his medical in the Philippines.Thank you so much.
jane aguinaldo
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