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  Hi, I´m William, I´m 20 years old, and I´m currently in college. I live in the United States and I have this dream; I guess you would call it, of moving to Canada someday. From what I have been reading on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site; it looks next to impossible to gain, even landed immigrant status, but people who I know that live there act as thought it is a piece of cake to move. Anyways, my question is: How hard is it to get a job, if you aren?t a current Canadian citizen; and is it even remotely possible to move if you are my age and in college?
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Are you American citizen?
Just wondering...

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You could always come to Canada as a student. As for working, it depends do you want a temporary work permit or permanent residency? If the latter, you need at least one year experience in a qualifying profession. There are other requirements too. While the standards are high, they are not insurmountable. A couple of hundred thousand people qualify every year. I don´t know that much about work permits for non-citizens/non-permanent residents. NAFTA allows certain types of workers pretty easy access to jobs in either country. You might try looking into that. Your other option is to marry a Canadian. Maybe if you finished off your college here, you might meet someone .... just a thought.
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Yes, i´m currently a US citizen...Born and raised here! lol That is why i was asking about the difficulty with moving because of the fact that i am a US citizen and do not have citizenship anywhere else.
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well if this is a dream you have a few options...

(1) Become a student: its more in tuition but the bottom line is, if you graduate from a Canadian University you will be more likely to end up with a Canadian job... especially if you go to grad school etc.. up here.

(2) NAFTA: Some jobs are in tremendously high demand up here. Depending on what you are studying, if you have picked a program, you might alter your direction toward something that is universally in high demand, in the USA and Canada. Some of these professions include Nurses, Doctors, and teachers. Though some of these require recertification, they are willing to over look a lot of things just to get help for those professions.

What is your dream based on? I ask because there are many options for you either place. If its the ´peace of mind´ in Canada that you seek, thats wonderful, just remember every country has their ups and downs. Is it simply the excitement of moving to a different country? If so thats well and good but you have the opportunity in this life to move anywhere you wish. Try europe out too! Since you are in University, do every possible study abroad you can. I know at my University we could go pretty much anywhere, including Canada.

I too am American... I am seeking Canadian permanent residence through my Canadian wife. I also understand the excitement of moving, its like starting all over. I just graduated University (Michigan State University) and moved here, I always had the dream of moving to London, or somewhere in England, but have realized I am still young (23) and have the option of going there eventually. The best is not to rush these things... Get the experiences first, do the study abroads, see if there are other places you´d also like to be.

I LOVE Canada, there is no way around it, and by no means am I discouraging you to come here. I´m just saying weigh your options, you´re young (20). But if you are going to come the easiest way is through spousal sponsorship, I met my wife at University. Anyhow... email me if you need anything else...


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