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Subject: Partner Sponsorship

I was wondering if anyone could be of assistance.

I am hoping to move to Toronto in the next few months. I am a landed immigrant with a PR visa, and have come back to the UK to sort a few things out.

I have been living in the UK with my girlfriend for the past 2 years, and she is hoping to come over with me. As such we do not have any documentation showing our co-habitation in the UK except that we both have wages slips etc with the same address, but nothing with both our names on.

(1) Is there anyway we can go through Spousal/Partner sponsorship for her?

What documentation would be required to prove co-habitation?

(2) If she comes over on a 1-year work visa, can we still go down the route of spousal/partner sponsorship?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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1) Yes.
certified letters from family (better than friends, shows you´re serious if you´ve met each other´s family!), start getting joint bills, put her on your credit card, anything that would help. Wage slips don´t show you´re in a relationship, just cohabiting. Photos from vacation, etc.

2) Yes
You apply to extend her stay after the year as a visitor. She can´t work until the paperwork comes through though (depends where you apply, in or out of Canada)

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Morning Mosterfi

Here are some simple things to prove CL relationships. If your renting get your partner on the lease. Get a joint bank account. Most banks in Canada have accidental life insurance that you two can name each other for seven dollars a month. Submit any bills that would be for the two of you or as individuals showing the same address. The older the (cell phone bill-cable TV) bill the better. Have you claimed each other on your income tax submissions. Most of these examples can be seen on the IMM 5490 statutory declaration of common-law union form which you will have to submit.

NO YOU CANNOT SWITCH work permits to visitor status because the concept of a WP or a student visa is that you will leave at the expiration of the WP. Some think that because you are admitted for one year that Reguloation 11 does nopt apply. If your partner is a citizen of the UK have your parner go across the border to US and come back to become a visitor.


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