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  201.35 - you can call yourself david, or canadian immigration lies 2 IP´s or did you steal someones name?) or anonymous but you keep telling the same story over and over in endless places. - same writing style, same message, same geography... and you wonder how we know your story... BTW, your story is getting a little old.

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Re: How to find a job before immigrating -- visit? agencies?


I think you should be very careful. I hate to be the guy on here telling everyone NOT to come to Canada....but the truth is that I have been here almost two years and my partner has a Master´s degree.

The other person who replied to you, suggested to come here as a student. That´s going to cost MORE money....and just because the government may "let you work" in certain circumstances....it doesn´t mean employers will hire you.

My partner has had an "open work permit" for over a year and a half, and not been interviewed once.

There is massive resistence to hiring workers in Canada for any decent jobs, if you aren´t a lifelong Canadian. This is the dirty secret no one tells you before you come here.

A cliche has developed of the guy with a college degree, driving a taxi in Canada, because he is not Canadian born and no one will give him a job where he can use his education.

Be very careful. Yes, there are some exceptions, but a recent study has shown that 1 in 6 young male immigrants to Canada leave within a YEAR because of not finding a decent job. Another study showed that 50% of all immigrants to Canada are living below the poverty line a DECADE -- 10 years, after coming here.

Canada claims to welcome immigrants, and it does let many of them in..... but the dirty secret is that most of them wind up sweeping the streets, or if not, then at the soup kitchen eventually.

Sorry to be so harsh.... it´s just that it breaks my heart to see so many of you people on here who have a seemingly wonderful idea...i.e. making a new life in Canada....but that you are all willing to lose your life savings in the process.

David in British Columbia, Canada

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The fact that you are so obsessed with anything I, or anyone else on here posts that is critical of Canadian immigration is astonishing.

The fact that you go so far out of your way is amazing.

Clearly, you are so biased on this site, and you have the ability to delete or have deleted any comments you don´t like....

It shows that you like to censor anything critical of the massive disinformation and fraud present in the immigration business.

Call me what you like, I´m but only one of the many victims who came to Canada and lost thousands, based on the lies and misinformation being given out by immigration lawyers who are apparently so money hungry that they will allow people to believe that it is a fair playing field when they come to Canada.

Stop the hatred Sharon. If this web site is really about people´s experiences with Canadian immigration and work permits, then let people discuss them.

Who are you to censor? Or do you really own this site?

We may never know.

However, your censoring attitude is typical of a lot of what I saw in Canada..... one thing on the frosty surface, and nothing underneath that makes any sense.

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BTW: I´m a bit amused that you take an IP address and attempt to link it to a story....and apparently you think that anyone on here with anything critical or questioning is ME.

This, is crazy talk. I´ve actually chatted back and forth with several people who have had similar difficulties.

I´ve talked to many more privately.

Shame on Canada.

Shame on you for not respecting the freedom of speech.

I will continue monitoring this and other sites about Canadian immigration and maybe one day I will get something published about the horrible disinformation being given out to people, whom uproot their whole lives based on this.

Am I a victim? Yes. Are others yes. But I will say that as bad as our 2 year voyage was, it´s far worse for others that came away totally broke.

We had the sense to leave Canada before that happened.

Have fun with your Canadian censorship Sharon.

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ISPs frequently use dynamic IPs. One person does not equal one unique IP address..... see below and be educated...

Dynamic IP addresses are issued to identify non-permanent devices such as personal computers or clients. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use dynamic allocation to assign addresses from a small pool to a larger number of customers. This is used for dial-up access, WiFi and other temporary connections, allowing a portable computer user to automatically connect to a variety of services without needing to know the addressing details of each network.

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I understand IP addresses just fine. Its your grammar, attitude, story and whinning that give you away.

it is called TROLL.

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What is a Troll? Top
An Internet "troll" is a person who delights in sowing discord on the Internet. He (and it is usually he) tries to start arguments and upset people.

Trolls see Internet communications services as convenient venues for their bizarre game. For some reason, they don´t "get" that they are hurting real people. To them, other Internet users are not quite human but are a kind of digital abstraction. As a result, they feel no sorrow whatsoever for the pain they inflict. Indeed, the greater the suffering they cause, the greater their ´achievement´ (as they see it). At the moment, the relative anonymity of the net allows trolls to flourish.

Trolls are utterly impervious to criticism (constructive or otherwise). You cannot negotiate with them; you cannot cause them to feel shame or compassion; you cannot reason with them. They cannot be made to feel remorse. For some reason, trolls do not feel they are bound by the rules of courtesy or social responsibility.

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When trolls find that their efforts are being successfully resisted, they often complain that their right to free speech is being infringed. Let us examine that claim.

While most people on the Internet are ardent defenders of free speech, it is not an absolute right; there are practical limitations. For example, you may not scream out "Fire!" in a crowded theatre, and you may not make jokes about bombs while waiting to board an airplane. We accept these limitations because we recognize that they serve a greater good.

Another useful example is the control of the radio frequency spectrum. You might wish to set up a powerful radio station to broadcast your ideas, but you cannot do so without applying for a license. Again, this is a practical limitation: if everybody broadcasted without restriction, the repercussions would be annoying at best and life-threatening at worst.

The radio example is helpful for another reason: with countless people having a legitimate need to use radio communications, it is important to ensure that nobody is ´monopolizing the channel´. There are only so many clear channels available in each frequency band and these must be shared.

When a troll attacks a message board, he generally posts a lot of messages. Even if his messages are not particularly inflammatory, they can be so numerous that they drown out the regular conversations (this is known as ´flooding´). Needless to say, no one person´s opinions can be allowed to monopolize a channel.

The ultimate response to the ´free speech´ argument is this: while we may have the right to say more or less whatever we want, we do not have the right to say it wherever we want. You may feel strongly about the fact that your neighbour has not mowed his lawn for two months, but you do not have the right to berate him in his own living room. Similarly, if a webmaster tells a troll that he is not welcome, the troll has no "right" to remain. This is particularly true on the numerous free communications services offered on the net. (On pay systems, the troll might be justified in asking for a refund.)

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Rather than talk about these weird internet terms you come up with...

why not talk about all the new immigrants to Canada who aren´t getting jobs because of discrimination?

Why not talk about all those who have lost their life savings?

If that makes me a troll, then so be it.

You on the other hand, I don´t understand you at all. You must have a vested interest somewhere in this.

(in reply to: 201.35)
And by the way, that was clever of you to have my other comments deleted earlier this morning. Obviously either you have admin priviledges on this site, or you are friendly with someone who does.

Again, why not brainstorm solutions for the massive dishonesty and resistence of Canadian employers, who don´t want to hire newcomers?

Why attack those who have had bad experiences?

Why are you so concerned with shutting up those who come on here to talk about the reality, that 50% of newcomers to Canada are living below the poverty line 10 years after arriving?

(in reply to: 201.35)
And you say that my posts are so numerous that they drown out the info, that´s amazing, you´ve posted soooo many posts attacking what I´ve said, that you appear to be a troll too, if that´s how you define it.

The fact is that you and others on here don´t like to hear anything about anyone who has been taken for a ride by the Canadian immigration system.

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