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Subject: Restoration of Status Question
  Hi all!

I am in need of some clarification... perhaps some of you may be able to help me!

First of all, I discovered when applying for permanent resident status that I have overstayed as visitor here in Canada. I just recently got married to a Canadian citizen here in B.C. late July and my status as visitor expired in June. The reason for this was just sheer stupidity as I failed to look at the handwritten date below my stamp and thought I was good to go until October (since I had arrived in B.C. in April).

From what I understand, does this mean that in order for me to apply for permanent residency I would need to first apply to restore my status as visitor? Does anyone know what happens in such a situation where one needs to apply for restoration? I won´t be deported, will I?

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You still have the better option of applying abroad for spousal sponsorship. Since Canada has no exit visas required it is extremely difficult to show when anyone leaves. You have ninety days to attempt to restore your status but if they notated a date it was due to some reason when you originally applied for a CVV or what you said at POE that got the earlier date notated.

If you wish to apply under the new Public Policy Feb. 18 Good News for Spouses policy being out of status does not matter.

Depending on which country you are from will depend greatly if CIC will reinstate your visitor status.


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