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Subject: Showing Relatives on Immigration Form
  I undertstand that if you show on the Immigration Form that you have close relatives already in Canada, that this helps you get more points. I am curious - do the authorites verify this? In otherwords how can they know if you really do have close relatives there? If I showed a friend as a relative - would they know?
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For example if you show an Uncle they will want documentation that relates to your parents before you get the five points.
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yes. you need to prove you are related. birth certificates etc.
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I have talked to people who have had legitimate spouses, whom were put through the wringer by authorities, because they didn´t feel there was enough documentation, and they had to bring photographs, etc and were still given the runaround.

This is not my personal experience, but I´ve talked with many people who have had husbands/wives go through this and drag on for year. This also happens with other relatives whom are being sponsored.

So, they will check, and even if you are telling the truth, if you get someone with the wrong disposition, I guess they have a lot of power to give you a headache....or so I´m told.

A chiropractor in BC was one of them. He said his brother went through this and it dragged on for several years.

Oh, I´d better shut up now... Sharon has been posting repetitive messages calling me a troll because she doesn´t feel I should be allowed to participate in conversations on this web site.

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cic draw a Family tree, and it gets simple then.
I got this info from a csic consultant.

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