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Subject: still waiting for AOR letter
  I got married 2 month ago. a girl from my hometown in Ukraine. I am in Canada now, a citizen.
Collected all documents, filled out all forms, mailed it to CIC in Missisauga on July 15 (2006).

It´s now the end of August, and I still did not hear anything from them.

I am planning to get the AOR letter and send it over to my wife along with invitation and T4 for last year to get her the visitor´s visa. She would return for an interview back to Ukraine, and AOR letter would be a proof that she intends to return to Ukraine when applying for visitor´s visa.

From your experience, is 1 month (or more) a normal time to wait for AOR letter? Cause I start to get worried if they received my sponsorship application package at all.
Thanks for replies

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You gotta wait for 54days to get your first reponse, from the date you posted the application pack.

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53 days is the time they should evaluate me as a sponsor and send the application overseas to Kiev. AOR should be mailed much fastre than that.
they refused my wife visitors visa (in reply to: still waiting for AOR letter)
I have just found out that Canadian embassy refused my wife the visitors visa and actually stamped that in her passport. This not only disappointed me, but also scared. If they already refused her a stupid visitors visa, then they will pobably refuse the sponsorship.
And then what do I do? Divorce? Return to Ukraine? Although I already lost Ukrainian citizenship, so even that maybe a problem.
We had like a 4-year-long relationship; was it all for nothing?

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