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Subject: Recommended canadian immigration lawyers
  I understand that many people here apply for Canadian immigration themselves, but for those who would like to use a lawyer, are there any particular lawyers (or consultants) that are known to be good (or bad)? Or anybody in your specific experience that you would like to recommend. There are so many internet sites about lawyers, it is hard to chose.

Would appreciate response from forum members.

Hobbes Sarkar
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P & P is good. They are very sincere.
You can find them at

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I have v good experience with them.
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Is anonymous and Veeru using the same computer? 218.52.33
The last time I noticed this I got jumped.

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------------------ you are the same person.

Hobbes, Please ask in person to people who have migrated to CAN through which lawyers.

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Yes. I forgot to mention in one reply and I typed one.
Any problems?

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I have used my brain to immigrate to Canada and I have paid nothing ....

If somebody comes in this forum and asks for a lawyer or colsultant, generally next post will be the same person using a different pc and advertising himself.... Sorry mate you got BUSTED!!!!

Reality bites
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People, when you don´t bother to enter your name, the system automatically lists you as Anonymous. Why all the conspiracy theories?

Either way, it´s obvious half these people are lawyers/consultants, and not being honest about it. What other Canadian would spend hours in this forum about immigrating to Canada? Really. And why would they jump out and viciously attack anyone whom has had a bad experience in Canada? Um,, because they fear it will cause them to lose clients.

We wanted to immigrate to Canada, and we used a very well known law firm in Vancouver, BC. The lawyer, whom I double checked with the bar association and with other lawyers, was well known.

Well, still, he misled us.

See, in Canada the penalties aren´t very stiff, and seldom enforced compared to the USA.

Many lawyers will let you believe it is a lot easier to immigrate [or come temporarily] to Canada.

They will tell you it is easy to find a job....etc.

When you get here, you may find a totally different situation.

Ask them for a money back guarantee! I bet they won´t be so helpful then.

D formerly from BC
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You should also be aware that in Canada, there are a lot of people waiting to prey on newcomers...with all sorts of scams.

Especially in British Columbia.

You may use your credit card at the gas station, and then the attendent might "accidentally" charge several hundred dollars worth of expenses for other people on your number.

You may have your car smashed, and call the police, and even with a marker plate # and the name and telephone number of an eye witness, the police still refuse to pursue the Canadian whom smashed your car.

You may have people steal cable, telephone even electricity out of your home...and get away with it.

You may have insurance companies whom know you are new, and sell you a more expensive policy.

You may experience discrimination in school, or work [if you ever get a job!]

You may be treated funny by health professionals.

Even though your status is LEGAL, you may be automatically assumed to be illegal.

I could go on and on....last time I told these [all true] stories from us, and others we spoke to, someone deleted my post!

And we were Americans, which meant English was our first language and we were somewhat culturally similar [somewhat!] to Canadians. I´d imagine it is more rough for those whom English is NOT their first language.

But the employment discrimination is the worst issue, by far.

If you are a Doctor, be prepared to drive a taxi the rest of your life.....even if you get your credentials recognized in Canada.

D formerly from BC
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OMG Canada sounds AWFUL.

Insurance companies try to sell you insurance? Gadzooks!!

And the Immigration Lawyers expect you to find your own job? Inconceivable!

Thanks for that valuable info. Any other advice? Don´t tell me you have to pay taxes too?

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No, but when people come to Canada, and they have their papers in order, they expect that they will be given a chance at interviewing for jobs.

In our case, that never happened.

It is obvious that most Canadian employers just will not interview someone who is not native to Canada.

Now, insult me all you want, but my partner has a high level of education and a long career and business history in the USA.

But we found that in Canada, the employers don´t care about anything that wasn´t born in Canada.

It´s easy for you to knock down everything I write....easy for you because you are probably Canadian born and raised, so you haven´t encountered the discrimination.

Again, you tell your experiences, I´ll tell mine, but there is no reason to attack me just because I´m trying to provide some balance on this forum.

You people will continue to misleed immigrants [and temp workers] into thinking they have a chance, but the CANADIAN studies on CANADIAN immigration show otherwise.

D formerly from BC