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Subject: 52 weeks for ia
  my timeline is
buffalo fsw
aor aug 5 2005
still waiting

here is the answer to my e mail requiring information about my case :

We have added the child to the file
When/if we require additonal docutmentation we will notify you
The status of your file is that it has been placed in a queue awaiting
the initial (paperscreening) assessment. All applications are processed according to the date on which they are received. (PAPERSCREENING IS CURRENTLY TAKING APPROXIMATELY 52 WEEKS)but it should be noted that ALL TIME FRAMES QUOTED ARE ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND ARE SIMPLY ESTIMATES.
Once your file has been paperscreened, you will automatically receive
additional information and instructions . At that time, you may also
receive medical forms with instructions. Until you have received the
results of the initial (paperscreening) assessment we cannot respond to further status checks.
Canadian Consulate General-Immigration Section

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Hi Mikoman, can you tell me what was your format to e-mail enquiry? Thanks
? (in reply to: 52 weeks for ia)
what do you mean by format ? Do you mean the email address ?
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Thank you, I mean what you´ve written. Name, file num, ID etc. So long
ok (in reply to: 52 weeks for ia)
i put my name , my file number and the date i send them the application . I just wrote two lines asking if they had received my son s paperwork (he was born in january 2006) and basically if we would hear from them in the near future.

hope this will help !

take care.

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