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I am scheduled for interview in Oct at LA. Have done my medicals. .I want to know:
1. What will they ask at the interview?
2.How soon will my passport be stamped? will they do it on same day as my interview if i pass and I pay my ROLF?

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I had a similar type of interview after medical. It is a security interview. It is a long interview and it may take up to two hours just like mine. You are asked all types of detailed questions; some of them are very personal. So be prepared.

Since it is a security interview, I don´t think that you will get the passport stamped at the same day. The person who interviews you is not the immigration officer who has worked on you file, so he/she has to submit a report to the immigration officer and based on that, the decision will be made.

I did my interview around four months back and still have not received anything yet.

Good luck

I also have interview in october in LA (in reply to: INTERVIEW)
Hi OM i also have interview in october in LA office.
I also have questios about interview and other things. I thought interview might be short but never imagined its 4 hour long as stated in above reply. If you want you can send me email at and we can talk and help each other out.

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I also have interview in LA in October. I haven´t done my meds as yet though, hopefully I will get those after a successful interview. I ordered my Caips but haven´t received it yet. Let us keep in touch.
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Have you applied for your FBI clearance and if yes then when. My interview is on Oct 18 in LA and i applied for FBI clearnce around August 8th that gives me around 9 weeks before my interview and i am not sure if i will get reply from them or not. I got police certificates from local counties in US wherever i have lived for more then 6 months will it help in case i don´t get FBI clearance before interview.
They haven´t asked me for medical in the letter i got its just interview letter is it normal.
Lets keep in touch man. Send me an email if you want at If you want we can talk sometime and help each other out.

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Hey guys, i also have an interview coming up in LA, don´t have a date yet. Can we touch base at to continue this thread, and share experiences?

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