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Subject: Consultants are REGULATED
  Immigration Consultants are REGULATED
CSIC has JUST begun their self-regulation process, and as of April all immigration consultants MUST be CSIC members in order to assist individuals and charge a FEE for service.
WHAT THIS MEANS is that because your consultant is a member of CSIC (which he/she must be if your are PAYING them a fee for their service), YOU have recourse if he/she has taken advantage of you, your money, and your intelligence!!!
There are numerous horror stories on this site, and my heart sincerely goes out to individuals who have been taken advantage of.

There is a complaint process that anyone can initialize, please see for the procedure to follow if you would like to launch a complaint against a consultant.

Having worked for a VERY CROOKED consultant, I left disgusted, and broke because I, as an employee, was RIPPED OFF TOO!! No worries, I?ll personally make sure this guy goes out of business.
DONOT trust a Consultant SIMPLY because he/she is from the same Country as yourself, speaks your language/dialect, or is a friend of a friend... Those are the ones you need to be most prudent with.

Back to my point LAUNCH A COMPLAINT WITH CSIC in regards to your Consultant (if you?re not satisfied/been taken advantage of) please help close down these money hungry corupt consultants, and make room for the honest ones, most of who will go above and beyond their obligations to help you immigrate and settle in Canada (TRUST ME they do exist).

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Glad to hear that some action is being taken to regulate the lawyers and consultants.

Many are con artists, most tell lies or paint the situation differently than it really is.

The tighter the regulations, and if they could impose stiff penalties, say revoling licenses of lawyers, etc....would help.

D formerly from BC
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Recourse has always been available against crooked lawyers (throught the Law Society). And it is a huge advance that Consultants now are regulated. THE PROBLEM is no one wants to go through the process and launch a formal complaint with CSIC(Which is very understandable concidering the distress these indivuduals have gone through, the last thing they want to do is more paper work)...
PEOPLE need to know that the option is there!
All members of CSIC (Consultants) must have errors and ommissions insurance, for this precise reason.

NOTE: the complaint MUST be launched from within Canada, because CSIC is governed by Canadian Law.

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There you go, from within when people are down to their last few bucks, relatives are chipping in to send them return tickets to their home countries, there is no way they can afford [probably in most cases] to launch a complaint and stay in Canada to resolve it.

It´s a process most people involved hope will never be used, I´m sure.

D formerly from BC
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You´re absolutely correct, it´s not well publicized, and that should change...
THERE IS NO FEE TO LAUNCH A COMPLAINT, just fill out the form!!! It doesn´t seem like you´ve really looked into the complaint procedure at all... And you are pretty eager to shed a negative lite on things!!
CSIC is there to protect consumers.


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