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Subject: adopted child sponsorship
i am originaly from Mali. i am a canadian permanent resident. i would like to sponsor my adopted child which is 21 years old. how long do you think the processin time takes to finalyze. please any idea. thank you
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21 year old adopted child? When did you adopt this child? When did you become a PR and did you include this CHILD on your additional family information at that time?

You got BIG PROBLEMS your visa post is the slowest 10-38 months after about ten days in Mississauga CPC. You need to read OP3 and PROVE that this adoption is NOT an adoption of convienece for Immigration purposes.


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Dear Sir,

My name is Antonio A.Nguma,iam Angolan by nationality,27 years old.i would like to receive sponsorship from your organanization or any organization you provide to immigrate to Canada for resetlement.please give me more details

Antonio A.Nguma

Antonio Armando Nguma

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