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Subject: TRS extention question
  Dear all,

As subject mentioned, I enter Canada on early April 2006 with multiple entry visitor visa, and married to canadian citizen in May. I´ve submit PR application under sponsorship within canada end of June 2006, and also submitted application to extend my Stay in Canada early August (I was told by the officer to submit 2 months before end of the Temporary Resident Status, not too early.)

Today that I found out the processing time for extention of TRS takes approx 51 days. I started to worry, will I able to get my TRS extention before early Oct ? Do I have other alternative to speed up the process if I´d like to stay with my husband while waiting for my PR to process, since it´s Inland application??

My husband is suggesting a trip to US and return so that we can get TRS extended for another 6 months, but I was told that with canadian husband, I might get rejected by the border, is that always correct since my passport still stated the marital status as Single?

Thanks in advance for your advise.

with Regards,

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Implied status is the status you would have if they do not answer you in time. Until you have been refused to renew your status you are to assume that you are in status. 51 days is a very positive time frame.


TRS extention question (in reply to: TRS extention question)
Thanks Roy.

I´d just need to confirm, if they refuse to renew my status, does it mean I have to leave immediately or I can stay up to max 90 days? And will it has a record of "over-stay" which may make it much difficult to get visitor visa in future?

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