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Subject: marrying a canadian..

im american...
im europe i met a canadian woman and we want to live in vancouver.

for marriage purposes, what paperwork should i prepare before coming to canada permenantly?

passport, birth certifcate, anything else??

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I hope one or both of you has a LOT of money in the bank.

I´ve talked to dozens upon dozens of people to go to Canada, especially British Columbia and have to leave because employers won´t hire them.

Good luck!
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we´re both billionaires... how about targeting the question more effectively?


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If you are billionaires, then you´ll have plenty of servants to help you gather the information and paperwork.

Good thing, cause you´ll never get a decent legitimate job in BC.

Good luck!
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Check out the CIC web site, it´s very thorough (and a tad confusing). This is a link to questions regarding sponsoring a family member (Spouse/Common Law Partner)

Not knowing your details makes it a bit difficult to help you, but the CIC is a good starting point.

If really you ARE loaded (and your past post wasn´t pure sarcasm) then immigrating as an investor is a pretty sure thing, although you´ll have to invest $400,000 into the Canadian Economy for a set period of time.

Best of Luck

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First of all, which class are you thinking of coming under? Family class (sponsorship) or skilled worker?
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Ok I see now.. "for marriage purposes".

If you are going to marry your Canadian, and she is going to sponsor you as a spouse, there´s an entire application process you need to go through. It´s not just a matter of preparing a few documents. Though, the application package will tell you everything you need to send in. Spend some time on the CIC website. Bookmark it, learn it, love it :D

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