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  i am an American resident married to a Canadian citizen i will apply for outside sponsorship because i reside in the US.
now can i get the medical done here in Canada?
and if i get the fingerprint card (FD-258) can i be finger printed here in Canada then mail it to the FBI i receive all my correspondence in the US, then have a family member mail it to me up here in Canada, so i then can attach it to the application.
i just want to process my application as fast as possible i will be here in Canada for 5 months then will have to return to the US for citizenship process.
also once the final desicion has bin made how long of a time limit do i have once in the US to land in canada because i have to wait 2 months until i get fingerprinted for US citizneship then i can travel and land and await my oath ceremony to travel back.

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