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Subject: sponsoring an aged parent
  My dad is almost 90 years in good health, but lives all alone in India, following my mum´s demise. We would like him to join ourselves on a permanent basis in Canada. As per current timelines, it takes approx over 36 months for ´family class - parent´ applications out of CIC New Delhi to reach a final decision. In the interim, we could bring him over on a visitor visa .. but there is no guarantee, he will be allowed to stay beyond 6 months... and at that age, it´s not our preference for him to undertake multiple return journeys.
Does anyone have any other thoughts on how we can manage this situation?

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The odds of him ever passing a medical is veryt low and you must add the 28 months that Mississauga CPC will take to just approve you as a sponsor. Go look at www.sponsoryourparents.ca There is a Supreme court decision to overcome medical admissability if the children can pool their resources but your looking at FIVE years.

Think of an interesting thing to bring dad to see in Canada--something most Canadians have never seen and most would want to see. Cross your fingers and if here do an Inland Application based on H&C it will work because all Immigration officers love their parents and know what former CIC Minister D. Codere did was disgusting by stopping parental sponsorships and not telling anyone. Taking ones money for an application and not doing anything is no different then a pickpocket stealing ones wallet.

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why do you think that there will be problems passing medicals? He is in good health, doesn´t need hospital care and is not excessive burden for government. I am sponsoring my grandmother as well and would like to know what are the obstacles.

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