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Subject: Regarding Tourist visa
  To all those people who answered my previous post, I just wanted to thank you. I couldn´t post a reply to that so I am posting here. I also want to thank Jnathan.
Yes, I have heard that Canada is a beautiful country and wanted to visit. I was trying again because I thought they had treated me unjustly. The visa officer made it clear the last time that she didn´t believe I would leave Canada because I am a young, single girl who is not working. Maybe she was hinting that I will go and get married there. Anyway, I know now what all I need to get a visa but I don´t want to go to Canada anymore. There are many loop holes in the application form and ways that they trick you into writing something that can act against you and thats why they were rejecting my mother´s visa too. But the final time I made sure we wrote it in a way that they can´t trick us. Actually, the office has a few people who check to see if you have filled your application correctly and noone should rely on them because they don´t really care to clear your doubts. Thats why my mom got rejected the previous times and finally when we carefully wrote the application, she got it.
I had got in touch with a Canadian MP and he too felt that I should have got the visa and told me that the next time we should contact him before applying.
Anyway, I don´t have much time to visit Canada now. I have to pursue my career and it will be a long time before I will be free again.
A note to all young girls who are applying, you should either be married or sudying or have a job or have alot of property and bank balance in YOUR name. It´s no use if it´s in your parents name.

S Khan
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it is equally difficult for a single man to get a tourist visa. Given how difficult it is to deport someone once they have arrived in Canada, they prefer to make it extremely hard to get in to begin with.

might seem unfair but sadly previous vistors have ruined it for others.

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In my case, it was really unjust because I have a 10 yr visa for USA so why would I want to settle down in Canada on a tourist visa, that too, single entry? They don´t care really who they reject. Both UK and USA take interviews but Canada doesn´t. I think if they talk to the people they can realise who are the true tourists and who are not but they have to listen for that.
Many people who want to get in give false information and I could have produced that too but I didn´t because I am an honest person and truly only wanted to visit for 1 week.

S Khan
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It doesnot matter whether you want to settle down in Canada or not. Canadian Immigration Officers always try to make your life miserable. I will give you some real life examples.

First, one 70+ year-old man from an Asian country got refused (for a visitor visa to Canada). The reason was he didnot have a job. How could a 70+ year-old man have a job??? (Are you SICK or what?) I know that this man just want to visit his sister in Canada, he doesnot want to leave Vietnam permanently. He was admitted to visit the US last year.

The second case, another old man 80+ years old from the same Asian country wanted to visit his children in Canada this summer. He planned to stay in Canada for 3 months. He started the application last winter. Until now he didnot receive any answer yet despite of many interview and 3 different medical examination. The Canadian Immigration Officers are still checking his medical files. Now his children are hoping that he will show up in Canada before this winter.

Myself, a Canadian from Montreal, had a chance to exchange some emails with the Immigration Officers in that Asian country. These idiots (to me, that´s what they are) are really tough to deal with. You don´t receive the same treatment as when you go to the Immigration Office in Montreal. These idiots don´t listen and they don´t care about you. To them, giving you the Visitor Visa is giving you a BIG favor; stopping people to visit Canada is the mandate of their job.

Khan, why do you want to visit this country???

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I had visited Canada in 1997 we stayed there only 2 days even though we had a 10 days visa. It was really nice but we didn´t get to see much the last time. During this time, my uncle got canadian immigration so I wanted to see his home and visit my cousins and they would take me around Toronto and other places. Even UK has changed alot in 5 yrs so I figured even Toronto must be worth while seeing.
I thought since I am visiting UK, USA, might as well see Canada too. I thought if USA and UK didn´t have a problem, Canada wont either. I have just graduated (in June) and I have to write professional exams if I want to continue my studies and I need time for that so I thought before contuing my studies I should take a vacation. Who knew that these Canadian officers would make such a fuss! Even applying for a job takes time and if I apply, I wont be able to take a vacation for atleast a yr. Later I was thinking, I could have asked my relatives to give me a letter of appointment just for these stupid Canadian officers but I decided to leave it as I want to return back home and start my preparation for exams. If you want a visit visa, you have to come up with any kind of document otherwise these people will take forever with honest folks. For now, I´m just happy with USA and UK. My cousins came and met me from Canada which was sweet of them.
The Canadian website is full of rubbish things and not really facts because they dont really want to help you to get the visa. They rather earn from immigration than tourism. It´s good that people appoint lawyers for immigration so they know how to handle your case. I know a few families after immigrating to Canada couldn´t find jobs for a while. So you need to have a big bank balance in order to survive there.
I´ll tell you one thing though, someone really complained about the visa officers (detroit) because from the 2 times that I went there, there was a big change in the attitude. They were actually polite (at the reception) but there was this one lady officer who was terribly arrogant and didn´t let my mother speak. I think they need to have a few more complaints against them around the whole and only then will they treat you with respect.

S Khan
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Dear S Khan

Sadly, all that you said only applies to people from citizens of countries that require a visitor visa to enter Canada. UK citizens for example do not need a job,be married or studying etc. to qualify to enter Canada. It is therefore possible that 2 siblings of different nationalities could intend to visit relatives in Canada for a reunion. One from a "visa required" country could be denied a visa.. the other would have no problems entering Canada.
Clearly, there is a larger immigration issue here that should be addressed some day.

Regarding tourist visa (in reply to: Regarding Tourist visa)
hi my name is angel and i want to know how its possible for my boyfriend to come to canada ... im 21 and im a canadien ccitizen.... but he is from india and i want him to come here.. is it possible for him to come and settle down here with me ? and what is the steps to take... thank u very much
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