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Subject: Received visa
I just received my visa. Now it is time I think about the last step of this long and ardous process. I am thinking of going to mexico or south america for landing purpose. This sounds more like a vacation , but hey UI guess I deserve it.

Please look at my timeline below. It took more than three months for me just to receive my AOR. However, it moved gradually and in a decent time frame, it is completed.

Good luck to u all.

Applied: Dec 2004 (Buffalo)
AOR: March 2005
Transfer to Detroit: Mid Jan 2006
IA: Early Feb 2006
Medical: End of Feb 06
FBI fingerprint: first April 06
Moved to canada in work permit mid April 06
PP request by email (no hard copy ever received) July end
PP sent to detroit: July end (included retun fedex envelope with completely labeled airway bill)
PP released by detroit: Aug 22 evening
PP received Via Fedex: aug 24 morning
Celebration begins: now

whim and fancy
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Congrats. I have almost identical timeline, taking 20 months exactly. I keep opening the passport everyday to oggle the visa, just to make sure it´s not all a dream.

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I got mine and my wives today. Very excited but only got 3 months to enter Canada. My papers say Calgary as port of entry. Do I absolutely have to enter through Calgary or can I enter through some other province? Also I have friends and family in Toronto but no one in Calgary and not sure how I should arrange for a local address to receive my PR card.

Also any idea on how long it takes to receive PR card?


Oklahoma, USA

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