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Subject: Question on Traveller's Cheque
  I´m landing in Canada next month from the US by car. My question is, are you allowed to bring more than $10,000.00 worth of Traveller´s Cheque without being taxed.

Also, other than traveller´s cheque, what else can you show to the immigration officer upon landing as proof of settlement funds.

Your input will be highly appreciated as I am counting the days to my landing in Canada.

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Yes, traveller´s checks can be used - you have to declare an amount over $10,000 at the customs. You will not be taxed.

You can also carry certificate of deposit (CD), bank account statement from a US bank.

Question on Traveller's Cheque (in reply to: Question on Traveller's Cheque)
Thanks a lot Bill. In what document or website can I find that the cerificate of deposit &/or bank account statement from a US bank is allowed as proof of settelment funds by the Canadian immigration officer?

Again, your reply to this inquiry will highly be appreciated.

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