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Subject: Landing Experience
I finally landed a PR on Aug 18. I flew in from Chicago to Toronto. The whole process took about 45 mins.

Once at the immigration ? I said I?m landing for PR formalities. He looked at my passport and, directed me to a separate immigration office to do all the paperwork. The officer took my passport, COPR and went over the details on a computer. He was extremely polite and nice and made a regular conversation while he was working. He then gave me a printout of COPR to verify if everything is printed correct. He then took a photo for the PR Card, stamped the COPR to my passport, stamped it and said those beautiful words, "congratulations, you are now a permanent resident - welcome to Canada". He then gave me some literature on what else I need to do, i.e. info on how and where to apply to SIN & Medical Card. He asked if there is someone there to receive me or I need assistance. Finally he asked if I have any questions. The entire process took about 20 mins to finish at this stage - he directed me to baggage collection area.

Once I collected my baggage I proceeded to customs.

The Customs official asked me regular questions, if I´m carrying over 10,000$ in checks. Whether I?m carrying items for settlement or these will come at a later stage - whereupon I produced the goods to follow list. He attached a form to it, stamped it and recorded in a file. He kept a copy and gave a copy to me. He also gave me a printout on how to import my car. He asked if I had any questions, he also gave me a brochure with numbers where I can call if I have any questions at a later stage.

Well that was it, he said I could walk out the gates.. And thus I became a Canadian PR on Aug 18. I checked the online CIC system the next day and it said application is ?complete?- you landed at Toronto on Aug 18 and became a PR.

My experience with the officials at the airport is 5*s! It could not get any better. They tried to get me out as fast as possible, with as much courtesy and help. It is a great experience ? one that motivates you to be part of the Canadian society.

Best of Luck to all of you in process.

My suggestion: here are things you should keep in hand when you land:

1. You passport - with the Visa stamp
3. Settlement fund proof
4. Customs declaration card (Canadian)
5. Goods to follow list
6. Address where PR Card can be sent
7. Goods to follow list
8. A copy of the application package (not really required, just in case)

Avoid landing through small custom post (in reply to: Landing Experience)

Compared to your landing experience, mine was not so smooth. I landed through Pleasant Camp, B.C. a small custom post between Haine Alaska and British Columbia Province. This is the closest custom post near where i live. According to the custom officer, I was their first landed immigrant since the existance of this post. When i told the officer that i was there to land as an immigrant, his initial response was "I am not sure you can land here". I was like "OMG".

Luckily, he was polite enough and trying to be as helpful as he can. He took my passport and US driver license into his office. 5 minutes later, he re-appeared to ask me to park the car next to the custom building and follow him inside.

Once inside, I was asked to produce the landing paper, which he went over line by line through the telephone with an immigration ofificer located in BC.

While going through the landing paper, he asked me a few questions like:

Have you been refused entry into canada?
Have you been arrested or convicted of any crimes in or outside of Canada?
Have you ever been arrested with drunk driving?

After that, i was asked to intital a few areas on the landing paper and sign the bottom of the form.

He didn´t ask to see my proof of funds, which i carried. I asked if he need to see it, he said "NO". As a result, no amount was entered in the landing paper.

After the form was signed, he passed the phone to me and said the immigration officer in BC needs to speak to me.

"Welcome to Canada" said the immigration officer through the phone, "There are a few advices i need to give you before you leave..."

He told me first i need to fill out an address notification form and submit it to CIC by fax or online as soon as possible so i can receive the PR card.

Secondly, it´s better that i wait till i receive the PR card to travel outside the country.

Third, i have the right to apply for canadian citizenship after residing in the country for 3 years and vote.

Before the conversation ended, he congratualated me once again.

After that, i asked the Custom Officer about goods importation. I showed him a list of "GOODS to Follow" which i prepared in advance and told him that i didn´t have anything to import at this time.

To my surprise, he told me that i didn´t need to declare goods now since i haven´t moved stuff into the country yet. He said i could wait till i formally move over to do the importation. "There´s no difference between declaring goods now and delaring later" he said.

I raised my concern that i didn´t declare the "Goods To Follow" now, then everything that i owned would probably subjet to tax later when i moved them over.

Unfortunately, he continued to tell me NOT to worry and that he knew what he was doing. He even double checked with another Canadian custom post which said the same thing. NO difference between declaring now and declaring then.

In conclusion:
1. I need to notify CIC MYSELF of my canadian address for the PR card.

2. Unlike Billy, i have NO picture taken (supposedly for the PR card?)

3. My proof of funds was not checked.

3. my "Goods to Follow" list is NOT stamped. Nothing got declared!

Now i can only pray that the Custom office really knew what he was doing! Otherwise i would have to pay taxes for the importation of my car and laptop.

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Looking at your experience, it wasn´t bad either.
Good luck to you and Billy

(in reply to: Landing Experience)
Thank you, anonymous guy/lady.

No. I wouldn´t say it´s bad. I just wish i have everything taken care of right there on the spot. From reading other post here, i am probably the first one who need to submit address to CIC for PR card! Others have it done by the immigration officials.

Secondly, i am hoping that i won´t pay tax for importation of my goods in future since I don´t have a stamped copy of "goods to follow".

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Anyone have any experience in landing in Calgary?

Billy and Hwsgeo: Congrats! Can you tell me now that you have already landed and applied for PR card, can you leave Canada without PR card if you needed to and re enter later to collect your PR cards using just the COPR form attached to passport?

Thank you

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I gave my friend´s address to CIC for mailing of PR card. My friend will express mail the PR card to me in the US upon receipt of it.

Regarding your question, I vaguely recalled during the telephone conversation with the immigration officer that the COPR form plus valid passport would be enough for entry into Canada by road, but not for travel via commercial carriers (ie, plane or tain, or boat). You will need to confirm that before doing so.

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According to CIC´s website,

"Permanent residents seeking to return to Canada who are without a permanent resident card may contact the nearest Canadian visa office to obtain a limited use travel document to re-enter Canada at a cost of $50 for each one"

I hope above information will ease your concern.

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