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Subject: Why did you move to canada?
  we recently moved to Toronto. We were in the usa on temporary legal status. Anyway, now wherever you go for insurance, license, medical tests, employment interview the first question they ask is: "why have u come here?" I have explained but seems like they take us as "stupids" to move from usa to canada.
I am asking all of you who are applying from usa to canada to tell your reasons, if you don´t mind. thanks.

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You are right on that.

Everywhere I was introduced - I was asked same question. Everyone keeps telling if I have an option to stay in U.S. Why? Do these Canadians not have pride in their own country?

My answer to them is simple. Canada has accepted me and it is my home.

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I´m about to move from USA too. My reasons include discomort with America political and social direction - domestic and foreign policies. I also don´t want to be a slave of my employer in having healthcare - I think it´s a human right. I believe in universal healthcare and am happy to pay taxes for it.

On my many visits to Canada, I found it to be a peaceful, socially conscious country with low crime and sense of community between people. I´m not at all thrilled with the gun culture in the U.S.

Finally, Canada is gorgeous in its natural environment and has very low popluation for its size. It´s what I´m looking for as a place to live and be proud of.

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I will tell you why we ask. Canada is sometimes treated and thought of as the ´stupid little neighbour´.

We hear over and over how the Green Card is God and the endless garbage about the US being the gold land of opportunity.

We love our country very much. Seeing the US in our papers and on TV 24/7 we are far less mezmerized by its reputation and opportunities. We see what we have and we are quite happy.

So when someone who has lived in the US chooses Canada - we are naturally curious. We are hoping you might affirm all the things we quietly think to ourselves.

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I have applied for canada pr due to uncertainity envolved in usa gc, but heard the same thing with many people about no tech. jobs in canada is that true ?
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I´m but a little curious about this thread, as one of the responses seemed less than sincere. I almost feel as though I´m being baited to reply in a forum where my opinions are hated, to say the least...

We went to Canada temporarily, with the intention of immigrating if/when my partner found employment. He had a two year open work permit. I also took several courses and earned about 15 credits towards my degree.

Unfortunately, the advice of our immigration lawyer, well known in the Vancouver area, was to come temporarily and that with my partner´s qualifications he would "find work right away". Then, either after finishing a degree in Canada, or when my partner found a position, we should apply to immigrate. Our "bone to pick" with him, is that he sold this as a long term solution and encouraged us to move our whole lives out 3,000 miles away....and more importantly, boasted way too much about employment prospects. We had done quite a bit of advance research, but really couldn´t test the job market until [he] was in Canada and authorized to work.

Lawyers and consultants whom give out false advice should be severly penalized, and I don´t believe this actually happens, for many reasons.

The reality is that it isn´t so easy, as you´ve already heard me complain, and is even harder in the field[s] my partner is in.

Our reasons for going to Canada were social and political. Until recently, we felt Canada was more liberal and tolerant. The recent election might indicate otherwise to some people, but only time will tell. However, you all [Canadians] should be very concerned.

We had suffered hate crimes and whatnot in the USA. We were very interested in some of what we saw in Canada. I will admit that in-your-face type of hatred in Canada seems to be less.... but unfortunately this can be a double edged sword...as sometimes you don´t know where you stand with someone up front -- and certainly the discrimination against newcomers is the biggie in the employment market.

But clearly Canada´s path on liberal issues -- and it´s sometimes laid back atmosphere would attract many Americans. However, most just talk, and few seldom actually move -- even as long term as we did -- to Canada.

But I think this is a true mistake, coming to Canada, unless you have prearranged employment.

In our case we went back to the USA after almost two years of my partner being unemployed, and also a less than friendly welcome in other settings.

Yes, in some parts, the USA is socially less liberal than Canada as a whole. However, it´s also true that this "gun culture" that people refer to is a bit stretched too! The Northeast USA, and most northern states have as low a crime rate as northern european countries....and many northern states actually have very strict gun laws, or so I´ve read.

I think Canada does have a lot going for it. Someone on here mentioned Canadian media/television has a lot of American influence...I would say that you should certainly ALWAYS define your own path...and I think personally many of our disappointments, including no employment in Canada are at least indirectly related to the times when Canadian entities cease to define their own way...i.e. big American corporation taking over in some business and doesn´t provide quality jobs, like Walmart.

But as for as coming to Canada for universal healthcare....that might be a mistake -- and is ridiculous in my book..... But also, one social program seems a strange idea -- I would think that might be the last reason # 12 on a list of 12 reasons someone went north.

Yes, the healthcare system in the USA sucks, I´ll be the first to admit it. Although you can see a doctor quicker than in Canada for the most part...If one doesn´t have a good employer, and if one can´t afford to buy it, then in many states they are out of luck. The good news is that some of the northern states are now working on their own state-level universal healthcare, which would be a better option in the USA...because on the national level such a program politically may never be possible.

Yes, I´m very very upset with our Canadian experience, and I´ve talked to other Americans whom are too. Because many of us feel like we were treated as worse than step-children and not given a fair chance.

But as for land, resources, and until recently progressive social and political processes, Canada still ranks as one of the best countries in the world. It just needs to make the immigration and employment situation a lot better.

Canada should feel like a cousin to the USA...similar in some ways different in others...but it should not let the USA define its culture...

As for opportunities in the USA, clearly there are far more Canadians who have golden opportunities in the USA than vice versa. Just look at those in media, film, entertainment and business.

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Another thing I can´t understand about Canada, and that upset me, was to see how they let WalMart into the country, and it is now the biggest employer in Canada!

If from the American experience [Walmart moves in and better quality, smaller businesses are forced out, jobs lost, salaries lower] why then does Canada do the same thing?

Certainly they could have kept Walmart out!

I could never understand why we found some of the worst of trends from the USA in Canada, when Canada is supposedly more liberal.

Tell me why? :(

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Well, it´s interesting to see some did move to Canada for similar reasons. Universal health care, less crime, liberal political and social attitudes and policies, etc.

However when employment in a certain case didn´t pan out, an immediate about face return was in order (was a chance really given to the new country?). Now the U.S. model on these issues suddenly becomes mitigated and acceptable. As in well, it´s not so bad in the U.S. after all, we´re getting there..., it´s only in the South..., U.S. health care sucks, but.., some states are trying...

From my point of view, one has to believe and stay with one´s principles. Not every country is perfect and there will be setbacks wherever you move. But if your philosophy tells you one thing, you can´t flip flop at every disappointment.

Finally, I´ve seen the gun culture here, and if you read the newspapers every day on the killing stats, and if you
know to stay out of certain major cities neighborhoods for fear of life and limb, you know it´s there and that right is sacrosanct. State laws are window dressing unless the federal government gets serious on a national level. Suggest "Bowling for Columbine" for perspective.

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Walmart had the option to go to the WTO to force Canada to allow them to establish a business in Canada. There is not legal basis to stop them.

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Very sad about Walmart Sharon. I wonder if Canadian politicians envisioned this when they signed on, to begin with.

Walmart actually is larger financially than many nations.

We had no choice to return. When you spend tens of thousands, and realize you can only afford to live off savings a few more years, you turn around and go home.

We have no reason to believe that M could have gained employment even if he tried for another two years. Especially in his field, they just don´t want non-Canadians. Even with casual employment, he never got interviewed, i.e. part time jobs outside his field.

You can stick to your hopes and dreams a little too long sometimes.

I´m not justifying some of the bad trends in the USA [especially last five years] and I DO UNDERSTAND why Canadians get angry at us sometimes.... but please do realize that almost half the American people disagree with a lot of what is going on. I´m appauled at the attacks on freedom of speech in the USA.

On guns though, we must realize that there will always be some sort of guns allowed in the USA, because it´s in the Bill of Rights. Of course, one wishes that held true just as strong for the freedom of speech which and of the press, which has been under attack for many years now.

But on a state by state level, one must remember, there are a lot of states trying new and interesting things and standing up for many moderate and liberal ideas.

Massachusetts has just passed a form of universal healthcare in which everyone in the state will soon be covered, and Vermont is working on something too.

It´s not perfect anywhere, and you Canadians should be very concerned about the influence of the American right wing on your political system. There is a lot of influence as of late.

But again, no country is perfect.... but why stay somewhere if you can´t have a life there?

And someone once mentioned trying another province, like Ontario. Sharon recently wrote to me, "tell you a little secret, Ontario doesn´t want you either"

She had a point. It´s a shame her post *accidentally* got deleted.

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D formerly from BC