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Subject: why did you move to Canada part 2
  David, we would have been far more polite to you if your posts would have been more like what you have posted today. Civility goes a long way.

There are lots of things about the WTO that we never imagined. We have had endless rulings in Canada´s favour about softwood lumber, steel and beef but the US protectionist lobby has chosen to force the US goverment to ignore them all.

Immigration is a struggle for all parties. For the foreign applicant, the Canadian government and the Canadian employer. People want to come, Canada has zero population growth and an aging population, and we have job opportunities that need workers.

Finding out how to do it all...well... in the context of how governments work (which is slowly) is not only frustrating, it is tragic - for all concerned. I am sorry your situation turned out as it did. I don´t know enough about your partner´s situation to fully understand where the problems were occuring and any attempt to do so would likely drag us back into endless debate. I really do not want to go there with you.

I am sorry you felt that you needed to flood the balance of the last thread so others could not participate. There is nothing wrong with diverse opinion and giving others a chance to express them. The webmaster has advised me that the framework of this site is old and the only way to make that happen is to delete the entire thread or ban the poster. Sometimes good posts get dumped in the process.

Reasons for immigration from ´have´ countries is very different than those from developing countries. I would suggest that those who already ´have´ would be less impressed with what Canada has to offer and the benefits would not likely offset the social and economic price paid.

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Well, Sharon, I will admit, I have been ashamed of the situation with softwood lumber, and of course, sore feelings about things like that, especially in the area we lived in [BC] could also negatively effect potential employers views towards American applicants [in addition to other factors]

What you mention about the thread is interesting though, because you had made the [sarcastic comment] "I´ll let you in on a little secret, Ontario doesn´t want you either" you then typed "lalala" etc, to get the post deleted.

Immigration is clearly a sore subject on both sides of the border, and with many people involved.

But again, on the rulings where Canada has had to drag on and on, even though they already won, it reflects poorly on our [USA] federal gov´t system. It also shows a massive problem in the US federal system, where lobbyists from certain industries are able to hold way too much power on congress....and this hurts the average Joe in both nations.

But I still maintain, for most professionals, even if English speaking it´s really really hard. I do think I was quite civilized [most :) ] of the time. I just can´t stand to read people whom are all joyful thinking they will make it in Canada, when I know in my heart, 9 out of 10 won´t.

I was also very taken aback by the many con games and scams we encountered [and in a few cases fell victim to] in BC. It really stains the image of the area.

But nowhere is perfect.

Take radio for example, in Canada, up until the 1970s, they used to routinely hire Americans [whom wanted to work in Canada] at larger radio stations.

I do think however, what we experienced in Canada and what many US citizens are also experiencing right in the USA, is symptomatic of more than one problem....and a big part is the fall of labor unions, and the rise of mega-corporations whom to not usuall adhere to any humane standards in the workplace. This is a problem that the average Joe will have to tackle in both countries for decades to come.


D formerly from BC
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It is not about jobs - those are everywhere in the world. It is not about the social system; we like being responsible for our own life. It is a country that has the opportunities and resources where we can create the life we want.

We are not running from something we don´t like, but moving toward a dream.

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After reflecting on these posts, just wanted to say I think David has compelling reasons for his views and decisions about life in Canada. I can understand this point of view. I also agree the the U.S. is not all stereotypical in its negatives, although it sure seems that way these past 4 years under this regime. Anyway thanks to David for his perspective and experiences, as it provides us a broader perspective on what to expect up North.
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Well, let´s hope this net election is a fair election and it changes things a bit....believe me, it´s been 5 1/2 years of hell for me too, as a liberal.
D formerly from BC
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next [ie midterms]

I wish we could also get a fair amount of third party candidates into office....but the system is so rigged against them...even major third party candidates have a hard time.

D formerly from BC
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that is another great thing about Canada. Our party system is not nearly as entrenched and we collectively sit far further to the left... even the Conservative party is far left of the republicans. Harper is not as scary as his ´Conservative´ name. Third party is part of we do things here.
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US is in the right to punish Canada when it comes to softwood deals. Canada is notorious in its dumping attitude. Don´t blame the US. The problem was created and perpetuated by the damn lowlife on this side of the border. I would like to kick every Canuck for their useless drivel about the US. Canucks are better off praising their owner: the wicked witch of England than keep drumming their anti-american bullshit. Sharon now shut the hell up and go away.
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