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Subject: Need Help...
  Hello Every One,

I applied for PR in Mar/04 and got initial letter in Apr/04. I completed my degree from a Canadian University and had one year COOP work experience. I didn´t hear back from CIC-Buffalo and applied for CAIPS in May 2005. According to my CAIPS Immigration office didn´t give me points for my COOP work experience, and file was suppose to be re-opened Dec 25/05. I started my full time job in Jan 2006, and send them my offer letter, work permit, etc. I re-ordered my CAIPS notes, and according to them they have received my documents, and my file was to re-open July 23, 2006. It´s been month to that and I haven´t received any thing from Buffalo. I emailed them and got the typical response that you file is in process and they can´t give an exact time when it will be processed. I re-ordered my CAIPS notes to see what?s going on now. What should I do now? What´s my best option? Any advice from any one?

Thanks for your help in advance.



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