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Subject: Sponsoring Employee?
  Hi all
I am a foreign student from Germany.
I finished my program and now working under the post-grad work permit (1yr) in Toronto.
I applied for PR last month to Berlin.

I´m concerned that my application won´t be here in time (December 2006) before my current work permit expires.
I have a friend who has a company and willing to sponsor me (through HRSDC) as an employee. If I could get that work permit successfully, do I have to stay with that company? Can I work with someone else, e.g. I want to work for the employer I´m currently working with.

Thanks all for your help, Yoga

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An awful lot depends on the province your in and the occupation your doing or intend to do. Whether your occupation is in high demand that will allow your friend to hire a foreign worker.

Those previous deports in the construction industry that came back were my clients.

Since if successful your employer will be named on your WP you will have to change him/her. Your WP will be for a one year period and you can click on forms in Canada, work and you will then have to submit that form to change your employer.

If you were in Canada when the former minister J. Sgro got into hot water for the exotic dancer who worked for her during her election campaign. She came to Canada to work for one employer who was not very nice and changed employers BEFORE being given permission then she was given an exclusion order for misrepresentation but the minister overturned it, remember?

Make sure your employer/friend does everything required to be approved.


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Thanks Roy for your answer. I´m in Ontario. My occupation is Computer Programmer. The problem is that the 2nd employer won´t "sponsor" me, as the first would do. I just want to get the work permit from the first, but won´t work for him, and he won´t pay me.
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