need Advice, recieved phone call from canadian imm

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Subject: need Advice, recieved phone call from canadian imm
  1) Can anybody post the cover letter for the Canadian consulate LAX as they requested by phone like bank statement and copy of IELTS result to fax them so please tell me the what type of cover letter would be good.
2) I received the call from the Canadian immigration as my file was transfer from buffalo to California to expedite the process today they call me at my office (work) and interview me on phone and I was not good in the interview he told me that I m giving him answer in general so after that he asked me if I gave the IELTS test I told him yes he ask me to fax the test result and the 2 months bank statement. And some other questions
3) My question is will my interviewed will be waived off or do they ask me for interview & my bank statement is not that good but I ve told him that most of the money I ve is in cash but I can put it in my bank for the statement, is that will be ok please advise me thanks
i applied in may 2005 and june 15 my file got tranfered from buffalo to california i m working in california

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