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Subject: B4 and B4A forms: filling out
  Just to be certain, are these (B4 and B4A)the only forms needed re personal effects upon landing? Or do you have first to type all the items on a sheet of paper and then the official form? Also, is there a way to type the items directly onto the form in the computer? They suggest typing the information and it´s a pain to type onto the printed hard copy. Are people writing the information on the forms rather than typing? Can one simply type on a plain sheet of paper this information and write on the official form, see attached documents? Many thanks.
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Hi Bob,

I also noticed form "B4 Personal Effects Accounting Document" is a non-fillable PDF file. Unlike the immigration application forms, looks like this one falls under non-fillable. On the CIC web-site where they give an overview of their forms, CIC says:

"We are making every effort to offer all of our forms in an Adobe? Acrobat on-screen fillable format. However, new or revised forms may not be available in this format initially. As soon as a fillable version of these forms becomes available, we will post it on this site."

The way around this, I think, is to hand compete all other sections of the B4, and add one line in the goods listing section with wording something like "See attached goods list". Then on your computer, create a Word or Excel document in exactly the same format as the B4 goods section where you then describe your goods. Print this out, of course, and attach to the B4, which then acts as the cover page. This would then be your attached list of goods. I see no reason why this wouldn´t be legitimate.

I´m getting ready to do this too, so maybe others here on this board can confirm if this method works or how they did it.

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Thanks, Richard. That sounds like a good way to do it,and I noticed that someone in the other forum did this using an Excel document, though I also read somewhere that if you use the attachment method, when you get to the border the immigration officer still has to transpose the data onto the official B4A sheet. So, because of my compulsiveness, and the fact that I have a typewriter that erases, I´ve spent the last couple days actually typing the data onto the B4A sheet, using lots of white-outs of mistakes. But if I had to do it over I would do your method, especially if I had lots of stuff to bring over, which we actually do. Good luck with that.
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