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Subject: Babysitters Republika Srpska Canada
  In the "Nezavisne Novine" newspapers has been said that Canada accepts 500 youth. I would like to know if this is true and if it is I would be one who would like to sponsor such a person. Preferably female between 18-25.

I am from former Yugoslavia but my wife is Canadian and we are having such a hard time to find a right person to babysitter our two children. Marko is almost 5 years old and Maria is two and a half. Please post your information here and I will contact you by email.

We would be glad to pay the ticket and provide sponsorship letter.
Hope to find someone soon

Aleksandar M
True (in reply to: Babysitters Republika Srpska Canada)
I also heard the same few days ago. My parents in law live in Prnjavor (Bosnia / RS) and they neighbour is looking for someone. How it apparently works is that they can not apply by themselves. Somone from Canada has to request for them to come here, and guarantee that they won´t ask for any social help for some numbers of years. Again this is hard to confirm.
Is there anybody from RS who would be able to confirm this and the source of this information?

Too Risky (in reply to: Babysitters Republika Srpska Canada)
But how secure is that. I think you should really know the person, otherwise it is very risky. What are the obligations. When I think about it I don´t think that this is true.
Confirm (in reply to: Babysitters Republika Srpska Canada)
Can anybody confirm this with a valid document from government of canada web site or any other trusted link.
This is probably a fake post. (in reply to: Babysitters Republika Srpska Canada)
I don´t think this is true, simply because everyone could sponsor everyone in that case. So forget about it.
Doris M
Live-in caregiver program (in reply to: Babysitters Republika Srpska Canada)
see the live-in caregiver program´s official information:

im a registered caregiver (in reply to: Babysitters Republika Srpska Canada)
have a nice day!!!im 20 years old, female from philippines and i think i qualify to all the requirments that you looking to be the nanny of your kids...i finished care giver course and i have more than 72 units in college...
this is my email add,

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