please advise me

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Subject: please advise me
i applied three months back
but til this date no AOR has been received
can anyone suggest me as to how long cic takes in replying to our immigration application
i am waiting for reply

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You´ll be waiting much longer for a job in Canada, if you find one at all.

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Anonymous ithink you are in this forum just for helping people to lose their hope u can stayoff of this forum if u can not be helpful!
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it depends on your visa post which you did not mention.


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People lose a lot more hope after coming to Canada, paying huge fees, paying one of the many "consultants" on here....and then not getting a decent job and going home broke a few years later

It is cruel, because more than half of these people lose their life savings and eventually go broke or go home or both.

You know it, Canadian government studies prove it, newspapers print stories about it, yet this forum provides much false hope and misery.

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Sorry Manzar, I can´t help.
But I´d like to apologise for this idiotic teenaged TROLL.
Good luck with your application - do your homework and you´ll be fine! (Same as with anything really!)

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Anonymous, I think you need to get a life, you are sitting here degrading Canada as you are fully aware that Canada is one of the countries in the world if not the best. I have been living in the US for more than 11 years now, so i know well enough about the life in the United states, so don?t come here trying to fool others.

Life in Canada (Health, education ect..) is better than in the US. You are safer living in Canada than here (US). The streets are safer than here (US).BTW, loser(Anonymous) I live in Beverly Hills, so you might have a clear idea of me, I own three cars, paid cash for them (Porsche, Benz S500, and a Jaguar)so I have a life. You need to get a life. The whole world knows USA is the land of opportunity, no doubt about that. While living in the US, I accomplished what I came here to do.

Although, I could?ve still done the same if I were living in Canada (will be moving soon), because I have a real talent doing what I do, I am only 29 years old with two american kids and an american wife (an engineering student), we will be moving to Canada , trying to buy a house in Vancouver Island. We are all excited to move to Canada, although my wife was born in the US , her dad was american and mother is Canadian, so she is also Canadian so is my one year-old son. There are many things you mentioned about Canada that are true, like it?s hard to get a descent Job in canada if you are not originally from Canada, BRAVO for that, in the US it?s all about talent and experience. The Canadian employers are wrong by hiring job seekers based on their race and origin, to me that?s RACISM! Another thing you said that I also agreed, Canada should slow down its immigration process, don?t let people in when you know it will be very difficult and hard for them to get a descent job because they are not white or true canadian or canadian born, that?s ridiculous! Canada is a beautiful and peaceful country one can have a good living.



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