Work Permit - travel with spouse?

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Subject: Work Permit - travel with spouse?
  I will apply for a work permit while living outside Canada (as processing time < PR processing time).

My question is: if I stated in the work permit application that my family (myself, my wife and daughter) will accompany me, does this mean that we have to TRAVEL TOGETHER TO CANADA ? or I could go there first, then my wife and daughter join me at a later date?
In case that I go first, then they later join me, should there be any independent approval procedures for there to go over there? or is it just they´d take the plane and fly over?

Appreciate your help.

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I hope you must have got the dependent visa for them before you start for Canada.

You can come alone and they can join you later on. No formailities required afterwards, if you are already done with their visa as well. So they can just fly and join you :)

same situvation plse help me (in reply to: Work Permit - travel with spouse?)
hai i got my work permit at the same time i got the visa for my wife and daughter iapplied for pr on mar 20006 but my wife enterd canada she can get the sin card and medical they mentioned in my wife and kid visa is vistor so ple help and reply me apperciated
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