Applying as Conjugal Partner..Feeling Unsure Now

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Subject: Applying as Conjugal Partner..Feeling Unsure Now
I´ve read thru as many posts as I can to find the answers to all my questions but am still unclear on some things, so forgive my ignorance. My boyfriend is planning on sponsoring me as a conjugal partner, we´ve filled out all the forms and done everything required, all that´s left is for him to put it all in the mail. But from reading the posts here, my hopes of the application being approved have plummetted pretty drastically.
I´m a US citizen. It sounds like my best course of action now would really be either to get married, or move in with him in Canada and live together for one year so that we qualify as common-law and then apply as a spouse. From what I understand, I would be able to stay in Canada for 6 months and then request an extention, is that right? Otherwise, how would we live together for a year. How difficult would it be for me as a US citizen to get that kind of extension?
Thanks for any and all replies :)

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if there is no impedement to marriage - and living a million miles apart does not count, you are going to have trouble with a conjugal sponsorship. over at there is a large contingent of spousal sponsorships and they will all tell you the same thing.

Either find a way to live common law or get married. Don´t waste your money and anxiety on anything else.

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hi ...
just a little interuption...
.. I want to apply under conjugal partner.. I have a relationship with my boyfriend but I´m married already...
Divorce is not permitted in my country... I´m in not in good relashipship with my husband now... Can I apply for conjugal partner?

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Submit your conjugal application OUTSIDE of Canada and make sure you really prove your relationship! Proving your in a real marriage, CL marriage of Conjugal Relationship is the key.


This is done in several ways such as photos of a non-wedding type which shows the two of you very comfortable with each other. Photos should not have you poising for the camera. Letters from Canadians or PR´s that say the Canadian or PR involved in this relationship writing how important it is to the CDN or PR.

If out of status.

If your in Canada the new Public Policy will allow that you submit such an application.

I had a Filipino (sp) client who was married with a child back home. He was also in a CL relationship in Canada. His CL spouse was approved within two weeks of submission and he/she would be willing to write you about this because I think your from the same country.

If you find the Operational Memo 18 publishned on September 24 2005 the details are in there.

Typical government they make an annoucement in mid Feb. 2005 on Public Policy for marriages of persons out of status and do not create the regulations for the officers to follow until late Sept. 2005!!

Wish U Luck

Roy who is off to Etobicoke CIC to assist my client with a marriage interview after she failed her refugee, claim, and her application for leave to appeal, and submitted he marriage application just before her innitial Pre Removal Risk Assessment Innitial Interview!


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Well we´ve decided to nix the idea of applying as conjugal partners. We are now wanting to live together for the required one year so that we can apply as common law. But how would we go about living together for a year? That´s what I´m unclear on now, since i would only be allowed to stay in Canada for 6 months legally.
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That is your choice but their is nothing wrong with what he did!

Now many thousands of Canadians live in Florida (hell we own the state) and Arizona and they are called long term visitors. Eight months out of every year.

You can do the same if you think about it. Drive across the boarder and do not tell CBSA that your coming to play house with your man. They will immediately think your not a visitor when U say something like that.

Arrange for some special medical coverage that will pay for the cost of an ambulance to get you back across the boarder in case of a serious car crash etc.

Meet all of his neighbours and then submit with them writing a one page letter how your man would go crazy without you around and make sure they attach their status documents.

Wish you lots of luck C.


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